Annual Diversion Reports Are Out: Get Yours!

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The Earth called – and wants its resources back. Fortunately 2015 was a year of great strides and achievements as more and more families, residents, students and local businesses helped reuse, redistribute and recycle our precious resources.

We are especially grateful to all our amazing partners – business owners, property managers and charitable organizations who host ATRS Clothing & Shoe Donation bins throughout the communities where we live, work and play. This one simple act makes it easy and convenient for everyone and anyone to preserve one of our planet’s last most renewable resources – textiles.

This month, ATRS Community Recycling Advocates will be awarding local businesses and shopping centers with Certificates of Diversion to recognize them for pounds collected throughout the year, which ultimately diverts gas emissions and reduces our combined carbon footprint.

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Did you know? Just in the last year alone, ATRS diverted approximately 39 million pounds of textiles from landfill. That is like removing the equivalent of approximately 10,000 cars from our roads.

In just a small space of 5 square feet every ATRS donation bin does so much good. Each one collects gently used, out of season or unwanted goods like clothing, shoes, toys and household textiles that may be collecting dust in the back of your closet or otherwise end up in landfill.  Every item goes onto a second life, leaving as little waste as possible.

About 97% of everything that is donated is reduced, reused or repurposed in some form or another. This limits carbon emissions and provides much needed funding to the local nonprofit organizations and creates a circle of jobs along the way. This impact in our communities would not be possible if it weren’t for our partners and supporters.

Want your business, school or bin host site to be recognized? If you’re hosting an ATRS Clothing & Shoe Donation Bin, simply call our 24-Hr Hotline at 866-900-9308 and ensure you’ll be receiving a Certificate of Diversion. Then enjoy your bragging rights as an advocate for cleaner & greener communities nationwide!

Do your part to protect the earth’s renewable resources. All it takes is 5 square feet. Learn how you can host a bin for your business, or create a clothing drive fundraiser anywhere! Be sure to like us on Facebook and stay up-to-date with events, news & milestones.

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