Five Keys to an Eco-Friendly Football Season

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The TVs are on and the tailgates are down. That’s right, football season kicks off now! Don’t let your sustainable lifestyle get lost in the hustle & bustle of night games, cookouts and endless hours camped out on the couch. High school, college and NFL fans alike can follow our five tips to have an eco-friendly football season:

Football on Field

1. Recycle Your Gear

Do you have a jersey for an NFL player who was traded or cut from the team? Or maybe torn or stained fan gear from last season? Give those clothes a second life when you drop them into your neighborhood recycler. As long your donations are dry and odorless, ATRS will recycle them all regardless of condition or quality. Who knows, in its next life your unwanted gear could inspire a new fan to rock your team colors!

2. Green Your Tailgate

If you remember from our green Memorial Day tips a few months ago, cookouts can have a very negative impact on the environment if they aren’t hosted with care. An eco-friendly tailgate starts at the grocery store. Substitute some of your traditional meat-based meals with organic veggies, or serve a fruit salad for dessert instead of dairy products. Be sure to grill with propane versus charcoal (or better yet invest in this new solar-powered cooker), and recycle all of your flatware and beverage containers.

3. Support an Eco-Friendly Franchise

Wondering if eco-friendly and football go hand-in-hand? As green businesses gain popularity, many sports teams are also adopting sustainable practices. Check out this list of the top five eco-friendly teams to see if your favorite made the cut (hint: the #1 team also dominates another coveted spot this year). Follow your team on social media and support their sustainable initiatives. The Detroit Lions’ plan to wear jerseys made from recycled plastic bottles during one of their 2014 games. You’ll be surprised at how quickly the NFL is adapting to the #TurnItGreen trend!

detroit jerseys 2

The Detroit Lions’ sustainable jerseys were designed by Repreve and made with recycled plastic bottles.

4. Fundraise While Saving the Planet

High school football teams and cheer squads are always in need of additional funds. You can help. Contact us to host an ATRS CARES Clothing & Shoe Recycling fundraiser! We provide a recycling bin on-campus and full marketing support. Every pound of clothing, shoes, and sporting gear collected directly benefits your team. Not only will you raise money and support your team, you’ll also help divert hundreds of pounds of textiles from local landfills. It’s this season’s win win win!

5. Consolidate Your Watch Parties

Most Americans watch football games from the comfort of their homes instead of buying a stadium ticket. That additional TV-usage adds up! Reduce your carbon footprint (and your energy bill) by watching the game at a restaurant, or create a viewing party that rotates through your social circle. You’ll enjoy the games with people who share your team spirit and go green at the same time: what’s not to love?

These small changes will make a huge difference in creating a greener tomorrow this football season. Spread the word to your football-loving friends and follow us on Facebook for even more green tips and news. Let the games begin!