Something Borrowed, Something… Green? Five Sustainable Tips for Tying the Knot

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While planning a wedding it’s easy for things to get lost in the shuffle. One of the most underutilized concepts is sustainability. There are multitudes of environmentally-friendly options that are easy on both the planet and your pocketbook. So we’re here to tell you that the rumors aren’t true: you can have your cake and eat it, too! Check out our five sustainable tips for summer eco weddings:

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Follow our five tips and invite Mother Nature to the big day!

1. Upcycle Your Dress (or Tux)

Between countless layers of tulle and swatch after swatch of satin and silk (much of it sourced unsustainably), creating a wedding dress from scratch uses a huge amount of resources and costs hundreds of dollars. Then it all goes to waste as your dress collects dust in the attic. It’s time to end the trend of single-use dresses! Opt instead for a vintage gown, or perhaps pitch in on a dress with a friend – you can still alter it to make it your own for each ceremony. If you have an unwavering need for never-worn attire, give your dress a second life afterwards by recycling it with ATRS. We’ll be sure it makes somebody’s else’s day too. And don’t worry, its memory will live on in your photos forever!

2. Green Your Floral Arrangements

Just because it has flowers and leaves doesn’t mean it’s eco-friendly. When choosing your bouquets, boutonnieres and decor, make sure you’re either placing orders at sustainable flower shops or choosing faux-flowers (yes, they can look real!). If you’re feeling crafty and on a budget, you can even create your own arrangements using wildflowers or other organically-grown flora.

3. Request the Immaterial

Not all wedding gifts have to be for the kitchen or bath: instead of filling your home with material things, ask instead for experiences! Whether you’re saving for a car or home or prefer donations to your favorite charity or crowdsourcing project, there are countless ways to reduce consumption on your big day. Plus, it saves guests from that wasteful gift wrapping! For experience-oriented gift inspiration and registry services, visit

sokind.jpg is a registry for nontraditional gifts like charitable donations or additions to your vacation fund!

4. Reuse Your Shoes

Bridal shoes have become a much bigger deal than they need to be. In fact, most brides’ dresses are so long that they cover footwear anyway! If you already own a pair of shoes that work well with the color and style of your gown, there’s no shame in reusing them: it’s likely that with all the hustle and bustle, no one will notice anyways. Or buy a new pair that can be reused for future events, and enjoy more wear from your purchase.

5. Have An Outdoor Ceremony

In addition to cutting back on electrical consumption and climate-control services, outdoor ceremonies often come with ready-made scenery. You won’t have to remove flora from its natural habitat and, if you choose the right location, ribbon and other one-time-use decor won’t be necessary to add some color. Just make sure you have a spot in the shade picked out for photos or you could be seeing squinty eyes on your mantle forever!

Select just one or choose them all, but one thing’s for sure: Mother Nature will thank you for adding her to the guest list. Want more ideas on how to make your wedding the greenest ever? Follow our Eco Weddings Pinterest board for daily inspiration while you plan!