ATRS EcoArmy: Where Are They Now?

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Each summer motivated college students with a passion for all things green and philanthropic join our EcoArmy as Summer Marketing Interns. With a curriculum that ranges from demographic research to developing and implementing marketing campaigns, summer interns will gain both autonomous and collaborative hands-on experience in a real-world setting.

As we enter the EcoArmy’s third year, we checked up on our past interns to see what these high achievers have been up to since they’ve graduated from ATRS. Not surprisingly, their accomplishments are impressive:


2014 Nik Snyder“I have been busy since completing the ATRS internship. I am currently working as a research analyst for Tractus Asia. We are a management consulting company, and I am working in the Shanghai, China office. I will be here for about another year. I will also be graduating this summer with a Masters degree in Chinese from Ohio State University.”

Nik Snyder, 2015 ATRS EcoArmy Intern – Houston


2015 Patrick O'Brien“Since the internship, I’ve been finishing up my last year of school. I’ll be graduating this summer from Sam Houston State University with a Major in Studio Art and a Minor in Mass Communication. I’ve used what I learned from the internship program in a lot of my Advertising and Public Relations classes. I really enjoy applying graphic design skills to each class assignment. With graduation coming up, I’ve started my job search and applying for jobs. My goal is to be based in Houston, because I just love the people and green spaces. The ATRS summer internship was one of the best chapters of my life and I’m glad to have been a part of that family!”

Patrick O’Brien, 2015 ATRS EcoArmy Intern – Dallas


2014 Tim Bartley“After my experience with ATRS, life has been fun and fulfilling.  I graduated from Emporia State University, moved to Colorado and began a career in sales. I currently work with American Furniture Warehouse providing personal and commercial solutions. My plan is to save money to get my MBA and work into a brand management position.  ATRS provided me with a base from which to operate. The team and the other interns showed me what it is like to be a professional. I am very thankful for these new connections, and I will always look back to that summer with warm feelings.”

Tim Bartley, 2014 ATRS EcoArmy Intern – Dallas


2015 Christina Karatzas MOI“I’m currently a junior, so I have one more year to go! I plan to attend graduate school hopefully back in California. My goal is to intern again this summer. This past November, I visited Washington, D.C. for the first time which was exciting. I’m currently working in the Athletic department at TCU which has been a very fun experience. I work very closely with the football team and get to know the behind the scenes action that goes on with uniforms and practice.”

Christina Karatzas, 2015 ATRS Most Outstanding EcoArmy Intern – SoCal


2014 Audrey Masson MOISince completing the ATRS EcoArmy summer internship, Audrey has been busy travelling internationally and completing her Masters in International Business at Hult International Business School in Shanghai, China. Living and studying abroad in the world’s most populated city has been both challenging and an enriching experience for her.

Audrey Masson, 2014 ATRS Most Outstanding EcoArmy Intern – SoCal


2014 Ashlee PowersAfter interning in our Nashville office, Ashlee completed her undergraduate degree and is now on an accelerated track to earn her MBA at Crummer Graduate School of Business at Rollins College in Florida. Rollins College is not only located in an ATRS market, it is also a proud partner of the Move2Recycle college move out campaign. She is passionate about marine life and already has her eye on human resource internships within the Orlando theme parks.

Ashlee Powers, 2014 ATRS EcoArmy Intern – Nashville


We are so proud of these talented students and their accomplishments in marketing, business and academics. We are even more pleased to know each one gleaned valuable insights and skills from the EcoArmy to carry on their professional journey.

Are you a current college student – or know one – who is dedicated to sustainability and wants to be part of something great & green? The ATRS EcoArmy may be just what you’re looking for. To learn more about this 10-week program, please visit our Careers page for more details, application instructions and summer internship locations. We can’t wait to meet you!

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