Earth Day Spotlight: ATRS Michigan Teaches Sustainability to Students

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This month, ATRS is participating in Earth Day events across the nation. These opportunities make a huge impact in helping us divert over 21 billion pounds of textiles from landfill every year. Our team members and volunteers do an amazing job spreading the word about how Clothing & Shoe Recycling impacts the environment. Here’s how our team in Michigan is spreading the word amongst students and inspiring the next generation of environmental leaders:

Cutting Squares comp.jpg

Behind the scenes with Paul, Cat, Pat and Mike, preparing quilting squares for our school project on Earth Day at JoAnn Fabric’s in Jackson, MI!

On Earth Day, April 22, the team will attend State Of Michigan Earth Day Event put on by the DEQ in Lansing. There will be tons of stickers and educational information about textile recycling, but the highlight of our booth will certainly be the painting.

Using the pre-cut squares of linen fabric donated for recycling by a nearby tableware company, school-aged children will decorate the makings of something new. Each young artist’s masterpiece will be sewn together by Jackson Quilter’s Guild to create colorful pet quilts for our four-legged friends at the Michigan Humane Society.

SMART donate recycle don't throw away horiz.jpg

Too many of our neighbors don’t realize their unwanted textiles are recyclable. Stop by any of our Earth Day events to learn more!

quilt petsThe lesson learned? Although this fabric was once old chair covers and tablecloths, it is now destined for a second life as a fluffy, warm quilt to comfort an abandoned pet. If we are going to continue moving toward a Greener Tomorrow, it is so important for our children to understand that even seemingly-unusable clothing & shoes – just like plastic and glass – can be recycled into something new.

We hope to see you at the State of Michigan Earth Day event. If your child or student is painting a quilting square at the event, make sure to tag yourself or them in our pictures on Facebook to remember how they helped the Michigan Humane Society with this sustainable project!

ATRS would like to add an extra special thank you to each of the sponsors who helped us make this event happen:  Bill Meyer, Store Manager of JoAnn Fabrics in Jackson, MI who donated his time & expertise and allowed us to use the classrooms to prepare for the event;  Tim Tyler of Dunkin Donuts in Lansing, MI who donated snacks and gift cards for students who take a vow to recycle textiles; Becky and Nancy of the Jackson Quilter’s Guild in Jackson, MI for putting the children’s artwork together for the final project.