ATRS Pin-spiration For a Cleaner, Greener Spring!

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Spring has sprung, finally! Are you making the most of our favorite season? If your days haven’t been filled with eco-friendly crafts and outdoor activities, then you’ve got some catching up to do. Luckily, ATRS can help. Here are our top five Pinterest Boards dedicated to a cleaner, greener and more inspired spring.

Green Spring Cleaning

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Been putting off your spring cleaning? It’s well past March 20, so procrastinate no more. If you have been wanting to clean up your home but haven’t known where to start or how to do it right, this one’s for you: Green Spring Cleaning Pinterest Board. We’re always adding new cleaning recipes and sustainable tips to ensure you’re on top of the latest trends!

Sustainable Families

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The start of spring means summer is right around the corner! What will you do with the kids once they’re home from school all day? Our Sustainable Families Pinterest Board leaves nothing to chance. From kid-friendly crafts to eco-friendly toy inspiration, your family will have something sustainable to do and learn about everyday. Start prepping the ideas and supplies now for a fun-filled, hassle-free summer!

Green Your Garden

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Do you know how to upcycle plant markers or use your old eggshells to give plants a boost? Gardening isn’t just a budget-friendly way to save money or put food on the table during harvest months, it is also a scientifically-proven way to reduce stress. If you haven’t yet discovered your green thumb, use the ATRS Green Your Garden Pinterest Board to get there. We pin a variety of tips for gardeners of all skill levels, from beginner to expert. Plus, many of our pins feature ways to make your garden even more eco-friendly, too. Follow our board and start learning today!

Upcycled DIY Projects

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Find ways to spruce up both your wardrobe and your home using what you already own. The Upcycled DIY Projects Pinterest Board features our most creative resource for eco-inspiration. Here you’ll gain cool crafting tips on upcycling everything from clothes and accessories to home decor. Learn how to turn old glass jars into chic light fixtures right after you turn your worn, stained tee into a new spring scarf. The possibilities are endless!

Eco Weddings

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Planning a summer wedding? Now is the perfect time to marry your earth-friendly ideas with effortless entertaining. The Eco Weddings Pinterest Board provides all the essentials from creative, budget-friendly DIYs and sustainable fashion tips to tasty eco-eats. Adopt one or more of our pins into your plans and we promise you’ll have the day you’ve always dreamed of without the cost you’ve always feared!

We hope you enjoy the pin-spiration found in each of these boards. Our Sustainable Pros source interesting, eco-minded content to pin daily. Follow us at @atrsrecycling and share your favorites with your own pinner following. Have a Happy, Earth-Friendly Spring!

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