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  • How Your Old Clothes Can Help Reduce Greenhouse Gas

    In the three decades I have been involved with recycling, I never dreamed we would be using Textiles and Greenhouse Gas in the same sentence. However, recent media attention has made us all much more aware of the science and synergy between the elements that surround us, what we ingest (such as food or medicines) and the natural resources we consume. The need to divert textiles from our community landfills and the ...

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  • California Sets Ambitious Goal to Reduce Waste by 2020

    Did you know? Many states across the nation have set ambitious waste reduction goals to be met by 2020. For example, the California State Legislature and Governor Brown set an ambitious goalĀ to reduce its solid waste by 75 percent by 2020. In order to meet this AB 341 75% InitiativeĀ California residents must move about 22 million more tons of recyclables out of the local waste ...

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