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  • ATRS Cares: We Are Giving Children Hope in Southern California

    By Audrey Masson, Guest Blogger and Summer 2014 #EcoArmy Intern Did you know? ATRS Clothing & Shoe Recycling programs support a network of over 24 charities nationwide. These organizations rely on this funding source to sustain local programs and services. Our partner in Southern California is Giving Children Hope, a non-profit organization that provides vital resources to vulnerable children and families. Since 1993 GCHope has promoted family sustainability, economic independence and ...

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  • Five Tips for a Green Summer Vacation

    By Audrey Masson, Guest Blogger and Summer 2014 #EcoArmy Intern Summer officially starts Saturday, and with it comes a global desire to get away from home. But planning a carefree vacation doesn’t have to mean forgetting your eco-friendly values! You would be surprised by the many opportunities available to go green even when you are out of town. By following our five sustainable tips for a green summer vacation, you can make your summer ...

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