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  • GUEST POST: MVA Recycled Uniforms Help Others in Many Ways

    Montverde Academy (MVA) made a very generous donation of 2,831 pounds of unwanted textiles recently to our Central Florida market, including four bins of old uniforms! Read this guest post provided by MVA to learn more about why they recycled uniforms rather than throwing them away: Mr. Brad Long, Montverde Academy’s Business Manager, informed that the Academy’s Business Office and Student Center has partnered with American Textile Recycling Services in an effort to ...

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  • Back2School Shopping Guide: Top 3 Trends for Girls & Guys

    Planning your Back To School shopping strategy involves more than just a map of must-hit fashion malls in your area. Do you know what to put on your shopping list for Back to School 2015? We've scoured the hottest trends on Pinterest boards and identified the top three styles for girls & guys this season! Consider shopping for these key items to make a fail-proof first day look: GIRLS' STYLE

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  • CHARITY SPOTLIGHT: Expanding the MADD Recycling Partnership

    Have you ever wondered where your unwanted clothes, shoes, toys, team gear and household textiles go once you drop them into one of those ATRS Clothing & Shoe Recyclers? If you live in Nashville or the surrounding area, you've probably noticed that every one of these distinctive, bright orange donation bins bears the logo of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD). Every pound of textiles (from brand new items to gently used or out of season fashions, ...

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  • Oklahoma Upcycler Goes Green(er)!

    There are dozens of ways to transform your office into an eco-friendly workplace. From the obvious like cutting down on paper and packaging waste and offering onsite recycling options to more surprising solutions like writing a sustainability charter, the possibilities are nearly endless. All it takes is a little time and effort. This week we highlight a company in Oklahoma that fully encompasses the sustainable spirit. Say hello to

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  • Five Sustainable Summer Distractions to Keep Kids Busy

    So the summer's already here: What to do with the kids to keep them busy and productive all day? Before you plop them down in front of the TV to watch Frozen for the millionth time, take a look at our five sustainable summer distractions for a little creative, healthy mommy inspiration: 1. Keep Crafty Summer is known for warm weather, but there are still some rainy days. The most sustainable way to ...

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  • Colorado Clothing Donations Help Fund Adaptive Athletes

    Did you know? When you recycle unwanted clothing, shoes and household textiles in your neighborhood ATRS donation bin, you're supporting one of over 20 different charitable organizations across the country. For Colorado residents, this charity is the Colorado Avalanche Sled Hockey Team (CSH). Here's how this local organization benefits from the ATRS Clothing & Shoe Recycling Partnership: The CSH "Lil Avs" youth team ...

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  • EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT: Doug Danner Drives Success in Arizona

    We at ATRS have so many things to be thankful for: the opportunity to make a real difference in our neighborhoods, create amazing partnerships with charitable organizations and maintain our fast-growing presence across the nation, just to name a few. These opportunities would not be possible without Our Team, the dedicated individuals who work tirelessly behind the scenes to keep our cities clean and green. This week we highlight Doug Danner,

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  • Upcycling for the Homeless: One Man Is Making a Difference

    Around here, we value philanthropy as much as sustainability. So we always jump at the chance to help our communities at a local level. It's always inspiring when individuals approach us with great ideas. Here’s how one man is making a difference:  Eric & Albert pose with recycled materials in front of the iconic ATRS lobby art. Eric Thayer is a first-year ...

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  • ROCK RUN RECYCLE: Donate Those Stinky Sneakers? You Bet!

    Hey marathoners, are you ready to ROCK RUN RECYCLE? Then consider one more act of green at the Suja Rock 'n' Roll San Diego Marathon & Half - donate those stinky sneakers and other post-marathon gear. Yes, seriously! Read on for more information about this new way to run green with ATRS. Rock 'n' Roll Marathon partner ATRS Recycling already offers several onsite options for recycling gently used, out of season or unwanted sneakers, ...

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  • EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT: New Business Development Manager

    It's not quite summer yet, but 2015 has already been a very busy year for Team ATRS! As our expansion continues, we are excited to announce that Jonathan Armstrong has been promoted to a newly created role at our corporate office in Houston: New Business Development Manager. Jonathan's new role focuses on nurturing and expanding ATRS property management and retail partnerships nationwide. His passion ...

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