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  • ATRS Pin-spiration For a Cleaner, Greener Spring!

    Spring has sprung, finally! Are you making the most of our favorite season? If your days haven’t been filled with eco-friendly crafts and outdoor activities, then you’ve got some catching up to do. Luckily, ATRS can help. Here are our top five Pinterest Boards dedicated to a cleaner, greener and more inspired spring. Green Spring Cleaning Been putting off your spring cleaning? ...

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  • Get SMART About Recycling: Donate, Recycle, Don’t Throw Away!

    If you’ve attended one of our recent Earth Day community events or are gearing up for Move2Recycle, our on-campus College Move Out Program, then you’ve probably seen these three iconic infographics created by our affiliates at the Secondary Materials And Recycled Textiles (SMART) Association. These visual aids help eco-advocates of all ages close the loop on the importance of textile recycling. But just as a picture conveys a thousand words, a ...

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  • Earth Day 2015: Join Us for 2 Billion Acts of Green!

    Happy Earth Month, readers! This month ATRS stands with other green-minded companies and organizations in the pledge to reach 2 billion acts of green for Earth Day. You’ll find us at 18 action-packed events across the country, providing free onsite recycling for unwanted clothing, shoes & accessories. Our community recycling advocates, drivers and managers each select the event in their community they want to support. Together they volunteer ...

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  • We Want YOU: Join the EcoArmy as a Summer Intern!

    Are you a college student looking to join a local Green Team? Or maybe you know someone wanting to gain marketing experience with a sustainable company? Either way, you’re in luck: ATRS is seeking motivated college students with a passion for recycling and other eco-friendly initiatives to join our EcoArmy as a Summer Intern. We offer positions at each of our 11 offices across the country. Spend the summer as an insider in Dallas, or surf ...

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  • OUR TEAM: SoCal Wins Big in 1st Quarter Green Challenge

    This new year is already off to a great start. With plans to open facilities in two new markets and expand our recycling programs throughout existing communities, it will surely be another record-breaker in 2015! To motivate our teams during this high-energy time, COO Gilbert Regalado developed a friendly competition for our community recycling advocates. The 1st Quarter Green Challenge was designed to highlight one employee whose dedication to a greener tomorrow in ...

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  • OUR TEAM: Houston Rodeo Brings All the Recyclers to the Yard

    At ATRS, our people are our greatest assets. If you’ve attended one of our events, you may have met our friendly Community Recycling Advocates. Or caught a glimpse of our fleet-footed Sponsored Runners at a marathon. Or even taken a silly selfie with our green Recycling Fairy. But the team members you don’t see are behind the scenes, sorting and grading textile donations in our Houston facility. These highly skilled employees help us reuse, ...

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  • Seven Things to Donate During College Move Out Month

    College Move Out Month can be a bittersweet time: you’re excited to start break (or if you’re graduating, to join the “real world”), but you’re leaving behind new friends and experiences in the process. Chances are you’re also moving back to your parents’ house or into a tiny new apartment, without the extra space to keep your cherished belongings. What’s an undergrad to do? Luckily, ATRS is here to save you from making tough choices about ...

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  • Help The Arc of Greater Houston with your Unwanted Clothing & Shoes

    Did you know? When you drop off unwanted clothing, shoe and toy into an ATRS Recycling bin, you’re doing more than keeping our neighborhoods clean & green. These textile donations also support a network of over 20 charities nationwide. These charitable organizations rely on funding to sustain local programs and services that do so much good in our communities. March is Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month, and our featured partner is

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  • ATRS CARES: Educating Students for a Greener Tomorrow

    Over the past few decades, recycling has become an integral part of our culture. Kids and adults alike all know that plastic, glass and paper should all be separated from “trash” to be recycled. Unfortunately, these green-minded habits aren’t as well ingrained when it comes to the clothes these rapidly growing youngsters wear and the toys they enjoy.

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  • ATRS Sponsors Orlando Fashion Designers In Trash 2 Trends Runway Show

    When you put your trash out for garbage day, where do you think it ends up? If you live in Orlando and guessed “the runway”, you could be correct. That’s right: the second annual Trash 2 Trends event is coming to Orange County at the end of this month! Trash 2 Trends: An Evening of Recycled Fashion is an annual fundraiser organized by

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