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  • Five Secrets to An Ultra-Green Mardi Gras

    Mardi Gras, the French phrase meaning “Fat Tuesday”, is a festive holiday celebrated throughout the United States between winter and spring. It is especially popular in the Southern regions, with the nation’s largest block party taking place in New Orleans. Traditionally, Mardi Gras serves as a day for Christians to enjoy fatty foods prior to the start of their fast for Lent, and its revelry has expanded to multi week-long Carnival-

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  • ATRS Partnerships Help Our Loveable Four-Legged Friends

    From Olympians saving wild dogs in Sochi to dolphins being listed as “non-human persons”, ATRS is thrilled to see animals gaining the protections they deserve. But despite these giant leaps in 2014 alone, we still have a long way to go in achieving worldwide animal rights. Still, the future for our furry friends is bright as organizations like the Michigan Humane Society, the SPCA of Central Florida, and the Yavapai ...

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  • ATRS Breaks Record With Pounds Recycled in 2013

    We've crunched the numbers, analyzed the data and tallied the score. ATRS is excited to announce the grand total of textiles collected and diverted from landfill was a whopping 33.5 million pounds! We're incredibly thankful to all the communities and neighborhoods that recycle unwanted clothing, shoes, linens and other textiles through ATRS. Because of your support we reached this record-breaking number! 33.5 million pounds of recycled material is ...

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  • EMPLOYEE PROFILE: ATRS Arizona Welcomes Two New Team Members

    We're on the move and growing in Arizona and pleased to welcome two new recycling advocates to our team. The role of our community relations advocates is to reach out to businesses, property managers and their local communities to spread the word about our innovative recycling programs. They also serve as liaisons to our non-profit partners in each region. Both of our newbies bring fresh experience and ideas to the table. They'll be helping ...

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  • ATRS Green Gift Guide: 5 Eco-Friendly Valentine’s Day Ideas

    Valentine’s Day is just a few weeks away: do you know what you’re doing for that special someone? If not, there’s still some time to get a game plan together, and we have the perfect starting point for you! Whether you are shopping for your partner, kids, or friends, our Green Gift Guide features five eco-friendly alternatives to the traditional choices. 1. Heartfelt DIYs

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  • ATRS and Jurupa Valley High School Clean Up in Southern California

    Last Saturday morning, our California team woke up bright and early and trekked over to the Jurupa Valley High School by 8 a.m., armed with four bright orange bins and a portable tabling stand. What did they get out of the next four hours? A huge community turnout and a successful event partnership with one of America’s top collection and disposal organizations! Jurupa Valley, ...

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  • Come Rock, Run and Recycle In AZ with Us This Weekend!

    The Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon is coming to Phoenix this weekend, and we want runners and spectators of all ages to join in on the recycling fun! The race kicks off with a free Health & Fitness Expo on Friday and Saturday, January 17-18, where you can visit over 60 different companies for information and freebies. If you bring your unwanted clothes and shoes to donate at our booth, you’ll be ...

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  • AZ-Based Nonprofit Partner Sedona Recycles Kicks Off 2014 With Large Grant

    ATRS is proud to share the amazing news of a grant recently received from one of our nonprofit partners in Arizona, Sedona Recycles. For over 20 years, Sedona Recycles has been providing northern Arizona with resources and guidance for what, where and how to recycle. Accepting everything from paper and plastic to electronics, this organization is fully committed to reducing the amount of post-consumer ...

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  • Five Manageable Eco-Resolutions for 2014

    When making New Year’s resolutions, the anticipated time, energy and sacrifices associated with choosing eco-friendly solutions can be intimidating. But going green doesn’t necessarily have to mean making drastic lifestyle changes: there are plenty of small things you can do in the coming year that add up to make a big impact! Use these five tips to kick-start your new year as an eco-activist or supplement ongoing environmentally-friendly initiatives. Then, follow our

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  • EMPLOYEE PROFILE: Meet Our New Marketing Team Members!

    It’s almost a new year, and with it we have two new faces at ATRS Corporate: Kendra Lewis and Sarah DeCarlo have joined our marketing department! Filling the positions of Marketing Coordinator and Digital Media Coordinator, these two ladies have big plans for 2014. KENDRA LEWIS After earning an Advertising, Public Relations and Corporate Communications degree from Lindenwood University in Missouri while competing on ...

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