Behind The Scenes at New York Fashion Week

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Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week #NYFW has just ended in New York City and with it a flurry of models, stars and flashing cameras at the famed Lincoln Center. Oh the glamour of it all! The garment industry uses this twice-yearly platform to launch new lines, connect with magazine editors and promote the brands we all love and aspire to buy.

But what does it all mean?

The fashion industry has been criticized for capitalizing on “fast fashion” and yet is revered for inspiring our lives, creating something to dream about each season and providing a powerful means for self-expression.

As I watched beautiful gowns make their way up and down the runways, I wondered about the lifespan of these garments. How much do they cost? How long will they hang in our closets? How many times will we wear them? What memories will be made, moments shared and experiences locked into every seam and fiber of these beautiful clothes? And finally where will they go afterwards?

Fashionista Turned Green Advocate


As an ex fashion industry executive turned green advocate, I now work on the other side of the industry for the nation’s fastest growing textile recycler. Each and every day I help educate shoppers, families, communities, businesses and cities about the benefits of recycling our unwanted clothes, shoes, toys and household textiles. It’s amazingly satisfying to promote the “reduce, reuse, recycle” philosophy and almost as breathtaking as the world of hair, makeup and trend forecasting I once knew.

Complete the Circle

Get more involved in the circle of style. As you hit the mall or surf your favorite bookmarked e-tailers in search of this season’s hottest runway to realway looks, think about the lifespan of your garments. Take time to clean out your closets and recycle what’s not in use. Beauty brings us joy, but sharing what you no longer need with others and keeping the planet greener in the process makes it a complete circle with a purpose.