CHARITY SPOTLIGHT: Expanding the MADD Recycling Partnership

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Have you ever wondered where your unwanted clothes, shoes, toys, team gear and household textiles go once you drop them into one of those ATRS Clothing & Shoe Recyclers? If you live in Nashville or the surrounding area, you’ve probably noticed that every one of these distinctive, bright orange donation bins bears the logo of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD).

Every pound of textiles (from brand new items to gently used or out of season fashions, to clothing that is worn, torn or otherwise damaged) is picked up by ATRS uniformed drivers in branded trucks and brought to our facility to be weighed. Every pound helps generate monetary donations on our behalf for MADD Tennessee, regardless of quality, grade or type.  What’s more, 100% of all the funding stays local to help the community. Each month ATRS employees hand-deliver a check to the MADD Nashville office with a report on how well the program is doing.

katie donating

ATRS Tennessee Summer Marketing Intern Katie Zimmerman makes a clothing & shoe donation at her neighborhood recycler.

This personal relationship runs through every aspect of our daily working relationship. ATRS community advocates regularly volunteer at Walk Like MADD events and work alongside victims to help educate students and adults alike about the importance of eliminating drunk & drugged driving.

But what does it mean for a for-profit company like ATRS to have a state-recognized professional solicitor partnership with MADD? The local chapter of MADD in Tennessee relies heavily on grants, which all too often come with strict guidelines regarding how this money can be spent. That’s why our ATRS Clothing & Shoe Recycling Partnership is so critical. MADD can apply the funds generated from your clothing and shoe donations to the key programs and services that are needed most, wherever the funding can do the most good.


MADD Tennessee Program Director Kate Ritchie is so appreciative of this fundraising partnership, which allows her to stay focused on her core mission and services. While many area businesses and corporations donate to MADD, its often a one-time annual gift. Fortunately, funding from the clothing recycling bins rolls in each and every month. As support from the donating public increases, the funding continues to increase. This means more advocacy services for the Nashville community.

“ATRS is in good standing with MADD,” says Kate. “We greatly appreciate donations by generous Nashville supporters. The funds we receive allow MADD Tennessee to reach and serve more drunk and drugged driving victims in the area.”


Every 52 minutes, one person is involved in a fatal accident caused by impaired driving. You can help fund programs to eliminate drunk & drugged driving by recycling with ATRS.

So what does this mean in terms of dollars and cents? Our fundraising partnership began in 2012 and to date has generated approximately $50,000 for the Nashville Chapter of MADD. Nationwide ATRS Clothing & Shoe Recycling has generated over $200,000 for MADD programs and services. Through our proud partnerships with 19 different nonprofit organizations nationwide, ATRS has generated over 5.3 million dollars for charities.

It’s a win win win for our communities! Not only do these Clothing & Shoe Recyclers generate much-needed revenue to help victims of drunk driving, the bins also create a positive circle of jobs locally and abroad while giving a second life to 97% of unwanted textiles that would otherwise end up in Nashville municipal landfill.

Do you have a business, school or shopping center than would like to support MADD thru clothing donations? Send us questions, comments or concerns by tagging @atrsrecycling in your tweets or calling our 24-Hr Hotline at 866-900-9308.