Clean Your Closet and Donate Like a Pro!

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Get a jumpstart on Spring cleaning! With nearly 4,000 ATRS Clothing & Shoe Donation bins throughout the nation, it’s a breeze to be clean & green while supporting a local charity. Got your donation bag handy? Here are our tips for cleaning and donating like a pro:

1. Pair up your shoes. This thoughtful gesture makes all the difference between sellable and useless to someone in great need. Gently used shoes are highly desirable, so just pair them up with a rubber band before dropping into your donation bag. Even worn sneakers, winter boots and fashion styles you no longer need can be given a second life.

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2. Remove hangers, dry cleaner bags and sharp objects. Take a simple step to ensure your gently used items don’t snag, rip or devalue along the way. Fold these items instead as you bag up things from your closet and put plastics aside for separate recycling. You’d be surprised how much plastic and aluminum scrap waste this could reduce, all in one step!

3. Separately bag belts, broaches and jewelry. These small but valuable items are most useful when kept together. By bagging them separately, they won’t get crushed or poke through garments. Use old pouches, baggies or jewelry boxes to safely pack up these small items for donation.

4. Remove batteries from toys. Just by removing batteries from kids’ toys, you’ll ensure they don’t squeak, tick or wear out in transit. Preserve the life of the mechanism inside and a deserving child will thank you each time they enjoy its use.

5. Separately bag miscellaneous household items. Small household items in working condition can be used by others in need. Bag them up or re-box in their original carton so they don’t break in the bin. Keep in mind the size of ATRS donation bin chutes and drop off only the items that fit securely inside.

6. Clean out those off-season items. It’s always summer or winter in the other hemisphere and someone around the globe will value your donations. Get rid of gently worn ski boots, sport shoes, sandals and other seasonal items clogging your wardrobe and you’ll also save yourself time each morning getting dressed.

7. Remove items of value from pockets. This one’s a no-brainer, but its surprising how many people don’t check their pockets before dropping donations into the bin. Be sure items of value or special sentiment are removed from all garment pockets, wallets or handbags.

image28. Know what we accept. ATRS makes a tremendous effort to find a use for every item dropped into our Clothing & Shoe Donation Bins. As a service to the communities we serve, ATRS goes above and beyond to reuse, recycle and redistribute even non-textile donations like books, DVDs, household bric-a-brac and sporting goods.

Above all, be thoughtful and Know Where To Throw. A good rule of thumb is: if it’s doesn’t fit in the bin, it doesn’t belong! What’s more, bulky waste dumping is illegal in every state across the USA. Help us help the community, and don’t be that person!

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