CMO COMMENTARY: Know Where to Throw in Tucson

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Good news for Tucson residents! The ATRS Clothing & Shoe Recycling program is expanding quickly. This means more locations for easy, convenient clothing donations and textile recycling at a shopping center, retailer or property management parking lot near you!

This past week I had the opportunity to chat with Matthew Schwartz from KVOA, News 4 Tucson about the many bins popping up in the Tucson area. How do you know where to throw? How can you be sure your recycled items don’t end up in the trash and your donations actually help a local cause? These are all great questions.

As NBC4 points out, not all recyclers out there are equal. ATRS prides itself on high business standards, an excellent serviceability and maintenance rating and exceeding the Code of Conduct set for our industry by the SMART Association. If you follow our Facebook or Twitter, you already know how quickly we respond to inquiries from the community about where to find a nearby drop off bin or requests to service a location that fills up during peak hours.

Ryan Foster is a spokesman with the Better Business Bureau of Southern Arizona, ​an organization which has awarded ATRS an A+ rating. Here’s what he suggests you do before donating:

“You’re going to want to check the label on the outside of the donation bin. Something you can do to make sure that these are actually going to the charities and they’re associated with the charities, is to either call the property manager of the parking lot that these are sitting on, or you can call the charity directly and ask them if they have a box out here.”

As Ryan suggests, this information is clearly listed on all ATRS signage and the website. Property managers host ATRS Recyclers by agreement and assign a location for each bin in the parking lot so it’s easy to see and drop off your items while running your other errands. Every item dropped into an ATRS Clothing & Shoe Recycler in Tucson directly supports MADD programs and services in the local community.

Nicholas Ray is the State Executive Director of MADD Arizona. Here’s what he has to say about how the ATRS partnership supports his nonprofit:

“ATRS is a reputable business in our community and we are very grateful to be affiliated with their organization. Our partnership raises much-needed monthly funding for Mothers Against Drunk Driving. The more bins are placed, the more clothing donations increase and the more revenue we receive. This funding helps provide no-charge services for survivors and victims of drunk and drugged driving.”

Non profit organizations like MADD rely on this funding to keep the doors open. We are proud to support the mission of MADD in Tucson through our recycling partnership. Every month, this funding supports advocacy services for victims of drunk driving and their families in the local community. Thanks to all the families, students, businesses and municipal leaders that support our bright orange bins with the signature green globe and MADD logo. We couldn’t do it without you!