CMO COMMENTARY: Thieves Caught On Tape? You Bet!

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I recently viewed a video shot by a young mom in Van Nuys California as three nervous looking individuals sorted thru garments taken from a collection bin. When ABC7’s Elex Michaelson saw the shocking footage, he asked me “How is this possible?”

View the entire ABC7 story here.

ATRS Clothing & Shoe Recyclers have a theft proof shoot and very secure door lock. Many of the design features of our bins are proprietary. Sometimes the most determined thieves are able to cut locks or forcefully damaging the bins enough to gain access. This requires professional skill, expertise and time. It is very difficult for ordinary citizens to break in.

One of our greatest concerns in SoCal is competitor vandalism, which greatly impacts the funding we provide every month to our charitable partner Giving Children Hope. This kind of activity is unethical, dirty business practice and in direct conflict with the Code of Conduct set by SMART, our industry association.

Every pound collected in these recyclers with the Giving Children Hope logo is weighed. The charity is paid fair market value for these items regardless of condition, the cost of servicing the bins or permit fees paid to municipalities. So donated clothing is NOT free. There is a cost for collecting, grading, sorting, transporting and redistributing them.

The partnership between ATRS and Giving Children Hope generates much needed funding for local programs and services. Specifically this funding supports the “We’ve Got Your Back” school lunch program that feeds students considered homeless in Southern California.

Every garment being taken from the recycler in this video is literally taking away funding for this nutrition program that feeds approximately hungry 5,000 kids each week during the school year. We need to support our local charities, not harm them!

Removing items from ATRS Clothing & Shoe Recyclers is theft and we will continue to take appropriate legal action. We appreciate the tips we receive on our 24-Hour Hotline (866-900-9308) and posts on our Facebook page from concerned citizens that value our service and our contribution in the local community.