• CMO Commentary: That Fake Clothing-Donation Bin Might Not Be What You Think

    I'm the CMO for American Textile Recycling Service (ATRS) and recently read an article by Refinery29 about Fake Recycling Bins. Kudos to Refinery29 (one of my fave fashionista go-to resources) for tackling this complex topic and generating great feedback in the comments feed. The badly stenciled bootleg bins featured in the article violate our company's tagline "Your Neighborhood Recycler" and are an unfortunate example of the "bad actors" in our ...

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  • EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT: Debbie Buckner Wins Community Recycling Advocate of the Year 2014

    Each of our 11 markets is served by a team of dedicated Community Relations Advocates. These individuals seek new locations to provide easy, convenient textile recycling solutions in neighborhoods across the nation. They are active community members who serve our municipalities, property managers, business owners and local charitable partners to make this free service possible. Each year, we highlight someone whose efforts and passion stand above the rest. We are proud to award this ...

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  • ATRS College Move Out Month Educates, Empowers and Enlists Students Nationwide

    For many young adults, college brings the first opportunity to live on their own. From moving personal belongings on campus to purchasing their own towels and sheets, they accumulate tons of new clothing, shoes and dorm room linens. But what happens to these textiles when it’s time to fly home or load up into a small car? That’s where ATRS College Move Out Month comes in. This year, ATRS College Move Out Month spanned ...

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  • Five Tips for a Green Summer Vacation

    By Audrey Masson, Guest Blogger and Summer 2014 #EcoArmy Intern Summer officially starts Saturday, and with it comes a global desire to get away from home. But planning a carefree vacation doesn’t have to mean forgetting your eco-friendly values! You would be surprised by the many opportunities available to go green even when you are out of town. By following our five sustainable tips for a green summer vacation, you can make your summer ...

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  • Guest Post: Chairitee Collaborates With ATRS to Create Upcycled Headbands

    Have you ever wondered what happens to that old shirt once its recycled? Or how artists create upcycled products? Julie Bartos, the founder of upcycled hair tie and headband company c.HAIR.i.TEE, is our newest eco-collaborator! She recently toured the ATRS Houston facility, rescued a selection of our donated garments and created a collection of upcycled headbands inspired by her visit. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at ...

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  • EMPLOYEE PROFILE: Congrats to ATRS MBA Grads from University of La Verne

    It’s graduation season and we’re proud to announce that two of our California team members are walking the stage. Both earned their Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from University of La Verne this spring. They also made their university a greener place by enrolling the campus in our annual College Move Out Recycling Program. Congratulations to ATRS MBA Grads Fonta Stavropoulos and James Angelopoulos, who are both inspiring individuals:

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  • Rock, Run, Recycle with ATRS Rock ‘n Roll Marathon in San Diego

    Hey Southern California, are you ready to Rock, Run and Recycle? Join us in making the Rock 'n Roll San Diego race a greener event by recycling your unwanted clothing, shoes and other textiles this Friday through Sunday! All participants including runners, friends and family have two easy recycling options at the event: Option 1: Drop Off at The Expo

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  • Memorial Day: Add Some Green to Your Red, White & Blue Celebration

    Families in all our neighborhoods across the nation will be raising their flags this weekend to remember those who have served our country and celebrate our freedoms. But did you know these get-togethers can be incredibly wasteful without conscious, eco-friendly habits? Keep the environment in mind during your long weekend festivities. Try these 5 simple tips to greening your Memorial Day celebration: 1. Got Stains? Recycle, Don’t Throw Away! Barbecue is a staple at ...

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  • Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando: New Name, Improved Mission

    Just in time for National Be Kind To Animals Week, our nonprofit partner in Central Florida unveiled its new name, brand and mission last week. The Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando - formerly the SPCA of Central Florida - hopes that this makeover will better help them gain community support in saving animals’ lives, and ATRS is proud to still have the opportunity to provide assistance!

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  • ATRS Welcomes Our First-Ever Eco Army: Marketing Interns of Summer 2014

    The first-ever ATRS Marketing Internship kicks off after Memorial Weekend. What does it take to be part of this elite Eco Army? Which lucky cities will be infiltrated by these marketing gurus? We've got the scoop on how these young students will be making a difference in their communities in just ten weeks! Here's a short profile of each Eco Army candidate, including a bit about their college history and their ...

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