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  • Stay In The Loop with ATRS

    Do you love how easy & convenient it is to stay up-to-date on all things clean & green on social media? Well, big changes are coming in the way you see industry news, community event updates and even your favorite behind-the-scenes snapshots of ATRS life. Follow these quick shortcuts from your ATRS Social Media Guru to easily loophole around the new social network changes! Keep getting the latest from ATRS on Facebook: 1. Visit the

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  • Summer of Giving: Pay It Forward by Giving Back

    Here at ATRS Recycling, our employees and community recycling advocates aim to serve the neighborhoods where we live, work & play in a multitude of ways. We make donating your gently used, unwanted clothing, shoes and household textiles easy & convenient. Through your donations, we are able to create a circle of jobs locally, nationally and in emerging nations. Being able to give back to those in need is an important element for us, and ...

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  • 7 Tips to Celebrate Red, White, Blue & Green This Independence Day

    Happy Independence Day! It's the perfect time of year to gather your friends and family and celebrate the gift of freedom. But there's no reason you can't be eco-friendly without sacrificing any fun! With these 7 tips, you can throw some green into your weekend festivities of red, white and blue: Lose the disposables. For parties with a large guest list, disposable plates, utensils and cups are ...

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  • Green Your Way to College

    Class of 2016! Congrats, you did it! Whether you're spending this summer on work experience, vacation or college preparation, the transition to higher education may be tricky. This is your opportunity to rebrand yourself and start anew. As you begin this next chapter of your life and pack your bags for the next four years, there are a few things you should leave behind. Follow these handy pro tips on how to green your way ...

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  • This Father’s Day, Celebrate Dad & the Planet

    Father's Day is nearing and it's a  great time to nail down a few more ways to celebrate the men in our lives while showing love for our environment. Here are some ideas to demonstrate how you care about your Dad  and the world he helped bring you into! Hit a local trail or park. What better way to fit in some father ...

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  • Sustainability is Out, Responsible Innovation is In!

    The word from the fourth annual Copenhagen Fashion Summit held in Denmark this past week is “Sustainability is out and responsible innovation is in.”   Wait. What? So what does that mean for fashion retailers, designers, manufacturers, e-commerce leaders and all of us consumers? Yes, we all love our favorite brands. We want them to respect the environment.  We want to use our spending power to purchase responsibly. We want to give back to our communities. We ...

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  • GUEST POST: Act Today! Local Charities Rally to Veto AZ Bill 1504

    Do you support charitable giving and clothing donation programs in your community? Your help is desperately needed ASAP. So Act Today! Law makers in the State of Arizona passed Bill 1504 this week, threatening to shut down clothing donation bin in our communities. Local charities are banding together and rallying to veto Bill 1504, because it unfairly limits their rights and eliminates much needed funding for local programs and services. Here’s what they have to say:   “For ...

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  • GUEST POST: Act Today! Proposed AZ Bill May Eliminate Clothing Donations in Your Area

    Do you support charitable giving and clothing donation programs in your community? Your help is desperately needed ASAP, so Act Today! The Arizona legislature is about to pass a statewide bill that threatens to eliminate clothing & shoe donation bins in your area. The bill would prevent charities from partnering with donation bin operators like American Textile Recycling Service (ATRS) and would significantly infringe on their rights to raise funds through clothing donation partnerships like these. This means ...

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  • Clean Your Closet and Donate Like a Pro!

    Get a jumpstart on Spring cleaning! With nearly 4,000 ATRS Clothing & Shoe Donation bins throughout the nation, it's a breeze to be clean & green while supporting a local charity. Got your donation bag handy? Here are our tips for cleaning and donating like a pro: 1. Pair up your shoes. This thoughtful gesture makes all the difference between sellable and useless to someone in great need. Gently used shoes are highly desirable, so just ...

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  • Green Your Resolutions: Eco-Inspirations for the New Year

    New Year's resolutions can be life changing, one small step at a time. But the pressure to maintain these promises can be daunting and stressful once the novelty wears off. We've got one simple trick to making long-lasting improvements: Don't do anything drastic! Manageable lifestyle tweaks easily transition from new goals to daily routines. They can have a big eco-impact, too. Here are four ideas to jumpstart a cleaner, greener you for 2016:

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