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  • Ten Tips For A Holly Jolly Green Holiday

    The holiday season is a special time of year that we all anticipate. Whether you're gearing up for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or another celebration during the month of December, there are a variety of parties, events & gatherings to attend. While the festive season should be filled with joy and bright faces, there's no reason to be wasteful. The ATRS green elves and fairies are here to help with 10 simple tips for a truly ...

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  • GUEST POST: Clothing Donation Bins: A Valued Convenience in Our Communities

    Kristin Greene is the Vice President of Federal & Local Affairs at The Molera Alvarez Group in Phoenix, AZ. She is also a government affairs consultant for ATRS. Here's her perspective on clothing donation bins and the good they do in our communities: City of Lithonia Mayor Deborah A. Jackson donating in an ...

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  • Know Where to Throw: Keeping Our Neighborhoods Clean & Green

    How much do you know about Clothing & Shoe Recyclers? Even if you drive by these 5x5 receptacles on a daily basis, you may not know they collect our unwanted goods. They also reduce our landfill waste, limit carbon emissions (the equivalent of removing 1 million cars from American highways each year) and provide much needed funding to local nonprofit organizations. But what happens when community members don't Know Where to Throw?

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  • GUEST POST: Suzann Thompson Retells Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Flax”

    Embroidery of a flax plant, created by Suzann Thompson using yarn made from recycled fabric! "I am the cutest!" said the flax. "Look at my pretty flowers! They are as blue as the sky itself. Also, the farmer said that I will make a fine piece of linen someday…whatever that means." The sun shone on the flax and its many friends and family who lived in the ...

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  • Oklahoma Upcycler Goes Green(er)!

    There are dozens of ways to transform your office into an eco-friendly workplace. From the obvious like cutting down on paper and packaging waste and offering onsite recycling options to more surprising solutions like writing a sustainability charter, the possibilities are nearly endless. All it takes is a little time and effort. This week we highlight a company in Oklahoma that fully encompasses the sustainable spirit. Say hello to

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  • Five Sustainable Summer Distractions to Keep Kids Busy

    So the summer's already here: What to do with the kids to keep them busy and productive all day? Before you plop them down in front of the TV to watch Frozen for the millionth time, take a look at our five sustainable summer distractions for a little creative, healthy mommy inspiration: 1. Keep Crafty Summer is known for warm weather, but there are still some rainy days. The most sustainable way to ...

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  • ATRS Pin-spiration For a Cleaner, Greener Spring!

    Spring has sprung, finally! Are you making the most of our favorite season? If your days haven’t been filled with eco-friendly crafts and outdoor activities, then you’ve got some catching up to do. Luckily, ATRS can help. Here are our top five Pinterest Boards dedicated to a cleaner, greener and more inspired spring. Green Spring Cleaning Been putting off your spring cleaning? ...

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  • ATRS CARES: Educating Students for a Greener Tomorrow

    Over the past few decades, recycling has become an integral part of our culture. Kids and adults alike all know that plastic, glass and paper should all be separated from “trash” to be recycled. Unfortunately, these green-minded habits aren’t as well ingrained when it comes to the clothes these rapidly growing youngsters wear and the toys they enjoy.

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  • Five Sustainable Tips for a Clean, Green Winter

    Winter is a challenging time for many communities to think and act green. For residents in colder climates like our neighbors in Michigan, it can be difficult to maintain a sustainable lifestyle during this peak energy consumption season. After all, most of us are tempted to crank up the heat on cold nights and could not live without the modern conveniences of refrigerators and other energy consuming appliances. But there are still plenty of ...

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  • TIS THE SEASON FOR GIVING: Tips for a Green Gifter’s Holiday

    Your stockings may be hung by the chimney with care, but that doesn’t mean you’re quite ready for old St. Nick to arrive! It’s almost 2015 and that means holiday preparations aren’t complete without your Green Gifters list. No matter what type of celebration your family is planning, our green elves and fairies can help you prepare for the most festive of seasons. Here are our tips for wrapping up a green-minded holiday:

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