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  • EcoFashion Friday: Green Is the New Black for Fall

    As the weather gets colder and we approach America Recycles Day, families across the nation are purging their closets of spring and summer items in favor of fall’s must haves. Wondering how to maintain a responsible fashion footprint and save big bucks on new seasonal items at the same time? Celebrate EcoFashion Friday in style by trying one (or more!) of our five tips for a sustainable, fashionable fall:

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  • Five Tips For an EEK-O Friendly Halloween

    What’s scarier than ghosts, vampires or werewolves? Not sticking to your healthy, green-minded lifestyles over the upcoming holiday season! But never fear: ATRS has five tips to ensure the whole family has an EEK-O friendly Halloween. 1. Create a Planet-Friendly Costume Purchasing a brand new costume each year has an enormously negative impact on our planet. This attire is usually made of cheap material in ...

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  • Five Keys to an Eco-Friendly Football Season

    The TVs are on and the tailgates are down. That’s right, football season kicks off now! Don’t let your sustainable lifestyle get lost in the hustle & bustle of night games, cookouts and endless hours camped out on the couch. High school, college and NFL fans alike can follow our five tips to have an eco-friendly football season: 1. Recycle Your Gear Do you have a ...

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  • Five Green Tips for Going Back to College

    It’s back to school time, and with that comes big college plans for an amazing year! How can you green your campus lifestyle and create the lowest possible impact on our environment? Bring a smile to your university’s Office of Sustainability when you adopt one or all of our five green back to college tips for a great school year: Walking ...

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  • Budget-Friendly Tips for a Greener Summer: Our Staff Picks

    Between constantly-running air conditioning units and lots of travel, summer is often the least-sustainable season across the country. Add to that the fact that ATRS offices are typically located in warm cities and there is the potential for our employees to have an increasingly-large footprint between June and September. So how do we stay sustainable during the heat and humidity? Read some Green Summer Tips from our eco-pros: 1. Share Your Wares Michael Weber, Chief Financial ...

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  • Five Tips for a Green Summer Vacation

    By Audrey Masson, Guest Blogger and Summer 2014 #EcoArmy Intern Summer officially starts Saturday, and with it comes a global desire to get away from home. But planning a carefree vacation doesn’t have to mean forgetting your eco-friendly values! You would be surprised by the many opportunities available to go green even when you are out of town. By following our five sustainable tips for a green summer vacation, you can make your summer ...

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  • Memorial Day: Add Some Green to Your Red, White & Blue Celebration

    Families in all our neighborhoods across the nation will be raising their flags this weekend to remember those who have served our country and celebrate our freedoms. But did you know these get-togethers can be incredibly wasteful without conscious, eco-friendly habits? Keep the environment in mind during your long weekend festivities. Try these 5 simple tips to greening your Memorial Day celebration: 1. Got Stains? Recycle, Don’t Throw Away! Barbecue is a staple at ...

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  • Guest Post: StyleCaster Helps Clean Out Your Closet

    Have you vowed to clean out your closet all spring, but still haven't found a way to finish? If our Earth Day segment on Great Day Houston got you inspired, here are a few more tips to help you complete the job. StyleCaster has you covered with a 10-step guide to clean out your closet. Be sure to recycle all unwanted ...

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  • Something Borrowed, Something… Green? Five Sustainable Tips for Tying the Knot

    While planning a wedding it’s easy for things to get lost in the shuffle. One of the most underutilized concepts is sustainability. There are multitudes of environmentally-friendly options that are easy on both the planet and your pocketbook. So we’re here to tell you that the rumors aren’t true: you can have your cake and eat it, too! Check out our five sustainable tips for summer eco weddings:

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  • Five Secrets to An Ultra-Green Mardi Gras

    Mardi Gras, the French phrase meaning “Fat Tuesday”, is a festive holiday celebrated throughout the United States between winter and spring. It is especially popular in the Southern regions, with the nation’s largest block party taking place in New Orleans. Traditionally, Mardi Gras serves as a day for Christians to enjoy fatty foods prior to the start of their fast for Lent, and its revelry has expanded to multi week-long Carnival-

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