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  • Textile Recycling Is On The Rise

    Textile recycling is big news.  In fact, it seems to be this summer’s hot topic!  There’s a definite spike in news about recycling programs from large companies like Nike, North Face, fashion designer Eileen Fisher and most recently trendy retailer H&M.  We’ve noticed an increase in social media chatter about where to find neighborhood recyclers. And we’re doing our part by joining the conversation with cities and states as they set ...

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  • Host an Eco Friendly Picnic

    Oh the joys of summer! The kiddos are out of school and we’re looking for activities to keep them entertained and educated. There are a number of ways to do this, such as volunteering at your local charity, involving them in summertime closet clean out or creating household recycling projects together. One of my favorite ways to enjoy summertime fun is taking my family on a picnic. Here are some great eco-friendly products ...

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  • Demand for Clothing Recycling is on the Rise

    Earth Day 2013 is just behind us. What a great week it was for community events, tree planting, neighborhood cleanups and much, much more! Make it Earth Day Every Day: More Americans than ever are looking to lower their family’s Eco footprint, reduce waste and leave a greener planet for the next generation. More of us now expect neighborhood associations and cities to ...

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  • Giving Our Old Clothes a Second Life

    I have this shirt that I've been carrying around with me for what seems like forever. It's not a fashionable shirt. It's certainly not timeless. It's frayed around the collar but it's amazingly stain free. I bet you have some old clothes like that in your closet right now. My wife probably hates it but she's too sweet to say anything about it. Except when I wear it. Which is really only on days that I ...

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