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  • Supporting Those Who Served: A New Partnership with Indiana Veterans

    Veterans Day is coming up and we couldn't be more pleased to announce a new partnership with Disabled American Veterans (DAV) Indiana. ATRS acquired an existing clothing & shoe collection facility in October, joining Michigan as our second market in the Midwest. This means an expanded partnership with DAV to support more veterans throughout the State of Indiana. Disabled American Veterans is the longest-lasting ...

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  • School Bus Bins: A New Partnership in SoCal

    Are you familiar with School Bus Bins? You know, those iconic yellow recyclers that resemble a bus and collect clothing donations throughout the SoCal neighborhoods where we live, work and play! Most popular with young students and their parents, these cheerfully designed receptacles help raise funds each and every day for teachers and school projects throughout SoCal. To date there are a total ...

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  • GUEST POST: MVA Recycled Uniforms Help Others in Many Ways

    Montverde Academy (MVA) made a very generous donation of 2,831 pounds of unwanted textiles recently to our Central Florida market, including four bins of old uniforms! Read this guest post provided by MVA to learn more about why they recycled uniforms rather than throwing them away: Mr. Brad Long, Montverde Academy’s Business Manager, informed that the Academy’s Business Office and Student Center has partnered with American Textile Recycling Services in an effort to ...

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  • CHARITY SPOTLIGHT: Expanding the MADD Recycling Partnership

    Have you ever wondered where your unwanted clothes, shoes, toys, team gear and household textiles go once you drop them into one of those ATRS Clothing & Shoe Recyclers? If you live in Nashville or the surrounding area, you've probably noticed that every one of these distinctive, bright orange donation bins bears the logo of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD). Every pound of textiles (from brand new items to gently used or out of season fashions, ...

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  • Colorado Clothing Donations Help Fund Adaptive Athletes

    Did you know? When you recycle unwanted clothing, shoes and household textiles in your neighborhood ATRS donation bin, you're supporting one of over 20 different charitable organizations across the country. For Colorado residents, this charity is the Colorado Avalanche Sled Hockey Team (CSH). Here's how this local organization benefits from the ATRS Clothing & Shoe Recycling Partnership: The CSH "Lil Avs" youth team ...

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  • Upcycling for the Homeless: One Man Is Making a Difference

    Around here, we value philanthropy as much as sustainability. So we always jump at the chance to help our communities at a local level. It's always inspiring when individuals approach us with great ideas. Here’s how one man is making a difference:  Eric & Albert pose with recycled materials in front of the iconic ATRS lobby art. Eric Thayer is a first-year ...

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  • Get SMART About Recycling: Donate, Recycle, Don’t Throw Away!

    If you’ve attended one of our recent Earth Day community events or are gearing up for Move2Recycle, our on-campus College Move Out Program, then you’ve probably seen these three iconic infographics created by our affiliates at the Secondary Materials And Recycled Textiles (SMART) Association. These visual aids help eco-advocates of all ages close the loop on the importance of textile recycling. But just as a picture conveys a thousand words, a ...

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  • Help The Arc of Greater Houston with your Unwanted Clothing & Shoes

    Did you know? When you drop off unwanted clothing, shoe and toy into an ATRS Recycling bin, you’re doing more than keeping our neighborhoods clean & green. These textile donations also support a network of over 20 charities nationwide. These charitable organizations rely on funding to sustain local programs and services that do so much good in our communities. March is Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month, and our featured partner is

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  • CMN Partnership: Texans Fund More Miracles Through Recycling

    It’s amazing how sometimes the smallest act helps preserve the planet while simultaneously doing good for children in our communities. ATRS and Children’s Miracle Network have partnered to help touch the lives of more needy kids seeking treatment and medical miracles. And with your help, the partnership is expanding throughout the State of Texas. Childrens Miracle Network is a nationwide organization co-founded by philanthropist ...

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  • Give Back to Get More: Resolve2Recycle for the Holidays

    The annual GivingTuesday signals the start of the holiday philanthropic season. There are so many local charitable organizations and families in need of support at this time. Luckily, ATRS makes it easy to contribute to 22 different nonprofit organizations – and get something back for your good works – when you Resolve2Recycle for the holidays. Give Back Most ATRS donators know that each ...

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