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  • ATRS Partnerships Help Our Loveable Four-Legged Friends

    From Olympians saving wild dogs in Sochi to dolphins being listed as “non-human persons”, ATRS is thrilled to see animals gaining the protections they deserve. But despite these giant leaps in 2014 alone, we still have a long way to go in achieving worldwide animal rights. Still, the future for our furry friends is bright as organizations like the Michigan Humane Society, the SPCA of Central Florida, and the Yavapai ...

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  • AZ-Based Nonprofit Partner Sedona Recycles Kicks Off 2014 With Large Grant

    ATRS is proud to share the amazing news of a grant recently received from one of our nonprofit partners in Arizona, Sedona Recycles. For over 20 years, Sedona Recycles has been providing northern Arizona with resources and guidance for what, where and how to recycle. Accepting everything from paper and plastic to electronics, this organization is fully committed to reducing the amount of post-consumer ...

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  • Phoenix Girl Scout Troop Plays Santa for Weldon House Children

    The holidays are a great time for giving back to the community. One of our favorite examples this year comes from Phoenix, where a young group of girls decided to surprise the much deserving kids at The Weldon House for Christmas. Weldon House is a wonderful place where women in recovery from drugs and abuse

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  • ATRS Third Annual Sponsorship of Katy YMCA Turkey Dash

    For the third consecutive year as official sponsors, the ATRS green team and volunteers were out in force early on Thanksgiving morning at the Katy YMCA Turkey Dash As always the Kids Recycling Race was a huge hit.  Kids raced to complete the recycling course in record time and won prizes from our toy grab bag (all recycled of course!).  A record breaking 10 official runners represented ...

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  • EMPLOYEE PROFILE: Market Team Manager Robby Milner Talks About His Wild Ride

    Guest blog entry by Robby Milner Early Beginnings Before joining ATRS I knew very little about the recycling industry. I did the normal separating and donating at home. However I had no idea of the magnitude and complexity of the textile recycling industry and how clothing, shoe and household textiles are collected, graded, sorted and redistributed behind the scenes. It has been a fascinating journey so far. We moved to Arizona from South Africa ten years ago where ...

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  • The High Cost of Cheap Clothing

    Ever wondered where your throw-away garments end up?  Landfills, donation centers or mobile recyclers?   "Inexpensive, low-grade clothing enables Americans to cram their closets. Unfortunately, much of that cheap apparel wears out and is thrown away, making up about 5 percent of landfills," says MOLLY ZISK, The Orange County Register.   Follow the path to see where your clothes may be headed. And look for  easy, convenient recyclers with the  ATRS Recycling logo in your neighborhood next time you clean out yours ...

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  • Five Years and Counting: ATRS & Metroplex Community Services

    American Textile Recycling Services (ATRS) wants to thank Metroplex Community Services for a priceless partnership of philanthropy over the last five years!  We are looking forward to many more successful days helping out those in need thru our socially responsible mission of textile recycling.   Did you know that if you live in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, you too can help out this worthy non-profit organization just by donating your unwanted clothing, shoes, toys and household textiles?  ...

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  • “OUT OF SIGHT”: City of Refuge and ATRS

    Great news!  American Textile Recycling Services (ATRS) has expanded into Atlanta and partnered with City of Refuge, a life saving community organization serving individuals living on the margin.   American Textile Recycling Services has proudly partnered with City of Refuge to create a textile recycling program that rolls out in Atlanta this month, starting in Cobb County and beyond.  ATRS collects clothing and shoe donations on behalf of City of Refuge and manages the ...

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  • ATRS Sponsors Annual Weldon House Christmas Party

      The Weldon House Holiday Party 2011 Old Saint Nick came to town in a big way, for the Mothers and Children of Weldon House, this past 2011 Holiday party.   ATRS ARIZONA  staff loved watching the children’s’ faces light up, when Santa arrived, singing joyful Christmas jingles and bellowing “HO-HO-HO”, was a gift in itself!  Some of these children had never seen Santa Claus, or received a Christmas present…EVER.  It really made me appreciate how blessed my ...

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  • Colorado Sled Hockey and American Textile Recycling Services

    Sled hockey was started in 1989 in Minnesota by enthusiastic Norwegian hockey fans because they recognized the extraordinary recreational needs of disabled children and adults.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with how the game is played, here is the description right from Colorado Sled Hockey’s website, (www.coloradosledhockey.org): “Sled hockey is played like traditional hockey on a standard rink. Players sit in specially designed ...

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