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  • EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT: Debbie Buckner Wins Community Recycling Advocate of the Year 2014

    Each of our 11 markets is served by a team of dedicated Community Relations Advocates. These individuals seek new locations to provide easy, convenient textile recycling solutions in neighborhoods across the nation. They are active community members who serve our municipalities, property managers, business owners and local charitable partners to make this free service possible. Each year, we highlight someone whose efforts and passion stand above the rest. We are proud to award this ...

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  • EMPLOYEE PROFILE: Congrats to ATRS MBA Grads from University of La Verne

    It’s graduation season and we’re proud to announce that two of our California team members are walking the stage. Both earned their Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from University of La Verne this spring. They also made their university a greener place by enrolling the campus in our annual College Move Out Recycling Program. Congratulations to ATRS MBA Grads Fonta Stavropoulos and James Angelopoulos, who are both inspiring individuals:

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  • ATRS Welcomes Our First-Ever Eco Army: Marketing Interns of Summer 2014

    The first-ever ATRS Marketing Internship kicks off after Memorial Weekend. What does it take to be part of this elite Eco Army? Which lucky cities will be infiltrated by these marketing gurus? We've got the scoop on how these young students will be making a difference in their communities in just ten weeks! Here's a short profile of each Eco Army candidate, including a bit about their college history and their ...

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  • Earth Day Spotlight: ATRS Michigan Teaches Sustainability to Students

    This month, ATRS is participating in Earth Day events across the nation. These opportunities make a huge impact in helping us divert over 21 billion pounds of textiles from landfill every year. Our team members and volunteers do an amazing job spreading the word about how Clothing & Shoe Recycling impacts the environment. Here's how our team in Michigan is spreading the word amongst students and inspiring the next generation of environmental ...

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  • A Common Thread: Queen Creek Residents Launch First Curbside Textile Recycling Program

    We were delighted to attend the SMART annual convention in Phoenix this week, especially because we were able to meet some of the faces behind the textile recycling program launched by the town of Queen Creek, AZ. Speaker Ramona Simpson, Environmental Programs Supervisor for Queen Creek, was on hand to share details about this new program, called “Do More Blue”. Thanks to Do More Blue, residents can now recycle unwanted ...

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  • EMPLOYEE PROFILE: ATRS Arizona Welcomes Two New Team Members

    We're on the move and growing in Arizona and pleased to welcome two new recycling advocates to our team. The role of our community relations advocates is to reach out to businesses, property managers and their local communities to spread the word about our innovative recycling programs. They also serve as liaisons to our non-profit partners in each region. Both of our newbies bring fresh experience and ideas to the table. They'll be helping ...

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  • ATRS and Jurupa Valley High School Clean Up in Southern California

    Last Saturday morning, our California team woke up bright and early and trekked over to the Jurupa Valley High School by 8 a.m., armed with four bright orange bins and a portable tabling stand. What did they get out of the next four hours? A huge community turnout and a successful event partnership with one of America’s top collection and disposal organizations! Jurupa Valley, ...

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  • EMPLOYEE PROFILE: Meet Our New Marketing Team Members!

    It’s almost a new year, and with it we have two new faces at ATRS Corporate: Kendra Lewis and Sarah DeCarlo have joined our marketing department! Filling the positions of Marketing Coordinator and Digital Media Coordinator, these two ladies have big plans for 2014. KENDRA LEWIS After earning an Advertising, Public Relations and Corporate Communications degree from Lindenwood University in Missouri while competing on ...

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  • EMPLOYEE PROFILE: Our Very First Employee Talks About Her Growth with ATRS

    An Honorable Position If you ask Reyna Arias what she loves most about her job and she will quickly tell you that it's the opportunity to work with two of the most genuine and honorable men she has ever encountered--CEO and President of ATRS David M. Peganyee Sr. and Executive Director of Production, Sales, and Logistics Albert Larriu. As the very ...

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  • September 2012 Employee of the Month: Ernie Angerstein

    "One Million Pounds Collected!"   ATRS is proud to announce that our Houston TX region reached the One Million Pounds collected goal this month for the first time!  Yes, that’s one million pounds kept out of landfills all across the Greater Houston area. With textile recyclers in neighborhoods everywhere, it’s easy and convenient for communities to donate and recycle their unwanted clothing, shoes, toys and household items.  Our awesome Greater Houston team has inspired communities to ...

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