EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT: New Business Development Manager

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It’s not quite summer yet, but 2015 has already been a very busy year for Team ATRS! As our expansion continues, we are excited to announce that Jonathan Armstrong has been promoted to a newly created role at our corporate office in Houston: New Business Development Manager.

Jonathan Armstrong 2Jonathan’s new role focuses on nurturing and expanding ATRS property management and retail partnerships nationwide. His passion is creating business opportunities to promote neighborhood textile recycling, meet corporate sustainability objectives and support worthy charities in the communities where we live, work and play.

“In this new role, Jonathan will work to create win-win relationships between municipalities, charities and the environment,” said Debra Stevenson Peganyee, Chief Marketing Officer. “He has over two decades of experience in the retail, wholesale and non-profit industries, making him extremely well-qualified for this position. I am excited to welcome Jonathan to the Marketing and Development team.”

Adding to his extensive industry experience, Jonathan embraces a deep understanding of the ATRS mission. He has served as a Community Recycling Advocate in Dallas/Ft. Worth for the past 2 years. You may have seen him out and about in your neighborhood, playing the Recycler Toss game at Earth Day Texas or visiting college campuses during the Move2Recycle campaign. His passion for the community has even inspired followers to endorse Jonathan on our Facebook page!


Jonathan in his green mascot gear during College Move Out at Texas Woman’s University.

Team ATRS couldn’t be more excited to add Jonathan to our Corporate Team! Read on for a short Q&A to get to know our New Business Development Manager:

Q: What interests you about the New Business Development Manager position?

A: From the moment I first read the job posting I felt like the New Business Development Manager position was a perfect fit for me, considering my past experience and skill set. I thoroughly enjoyed my role as a Community Recycling Advocate, but this position provides more time for the development side of business (which I love most).

Q: What fuels your passion for green living?

A: Having come from California where some forms of recycling have been mandatory for more than a decade. It is now second nature for me. But I wasn’t really passionate about the environment until after I moved to Texas. My best friend just got his degree in geology, so for the last five years I’ve listened to him lecture me on the importance of environmental responsibility. The more I learn about the future environmental challenges that we face, the more passionate I am about recycling.

Q: What brought you to join the ATRS team?

A: I started with ATRS in July 2014, but I’ve been familiar with the company since 2005. I had my first real exposure to the company after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. ATRS set up a temporary warehouse serving displaced Houston victims and asked me to run it. I working side by side with CEO David M. Peganyee Sr. and COO Gilbert Regalado until I was called back to my own church ministry. This project gave me great insight into the genuine compassion of this leadership team and the wonderful¬†work this company does. After retiring from the ministry I jumped at the first opportunity to work for ATRS.

Q: Describe your experience working with ATRS

There’s never a dull moment. ATRS is growing so fast and there are so many opportunities for employees and community partners alike. I love challenges and really enjoy the amazing people I work with.

Congratulations, Jonathan, and welcome to the team! Here are some parting words from your former manager and coworker:

“Jonathan is a clear choice for this new role because of his ability to cultivate new relationships with a myriad of partners and his amazingly positive attitude even in the face of adversity,” says Damon Durham, ATRS Market Team Manager in Dallas/Ft. Worth. “He has been an active part of our team and we’re all very proud of his accomplishments. We wish him the best!”