EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT: Promoting our Fun, Friendly Work Environment

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If you follow @ATRSrecycling on Instagram or are subscribed to our YouTube channel, you’ll know that while our main mission is to provide easy, convenient textile recycling solutions in our neighborhoods, we also have a (not-so) secret mission. We are serious about having fun at work! And with a warehouse full of recycled clothing, shoes and other donated household items, our team can’t help but get creative sometimes.

This week our talented employees created an upcycled human foosball arena, made from enormous bales of recycled clothing that will later be distributed for reuse or remade into new materials. All the poles and table man posts were constructed from repurposed materials. You have to see it to believe it:

At ATRS, our people are our greatest assets. Our employees have a passion for community causes and sustainable living. Over the years this commonality has enabled us to create an energetic and entertaining staff. The drive that powers our people to strive for the best in our working environment also translates into a competitive nature whenever we are at play. This deviation from the daily office grind helps refresh our minds, bodies and souls so we can continue working toward a greener tomorrow in the neighborhoods where we live, work and play.

game 2

So, after organizing eco-friendly events like our recent Back2School Shop&Recycle campaign, Team ATRS recharges with exciting team builders. We try to always keep the mantra Work Hard, Play Hard in our minds, and it shows! If you think you would like to be a part of our team, apply for one of our open positions in several cities across the nation today.

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