Get SMART About Recycling: Donate, Recycle, Don’t Throw Away!

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If you’ve attended one of our recent Earth Day community events or are gearing up for Move2Recycle, our on-campus College Move Out Program, then you’ve probably seen these three iconic infographics created by our affiliates at the Secondary Materials And Recycled Textiles (SMART) Association. These visual aids help eco-advocates of all ages close the loop on the importance of textile recycling. But just as a picture conveys a thousand words, a video shares a million. So we’ve transformed these facts and stats into a super cute, sharable YouTube series called Get SMART About Recycling!

Donate, Recycle, Don’t Throw Away is the first in our new three-part YouTube series.

Donate, Recycle, Don’t Throw Away: This video reveals just how much clothing goes straight to local landfills, how much can be recycled and how far we must go toward a greener tomorrow. Watch as complex numbers are transformed into easy-to-digest images to help even our youngest viewers understand the impact of recycling a favorite tee shirt or an outgrown pair of jeans.

SMART Infographic 2

Donate, Recycle, Don’t Throw Away: The SMART original infographic

Did you know? There’s an important philanthropic benefit to textile recycling! When this infographic was created, SMART members had contributed a combined $100 million to charitable organizations across the globe. Since 2001, ATRS has contributed over $5 million to worthy charities across the nation, and we give more each day! View our donation counter and watch it update by the second.

video 3 promo

There are so many recycle your unwanted textiles instead of throwing them away. Watch this space for two more informative videos coming your way this spring! Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to get updates as they post.

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