Green Your Way to College

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Class of 2016! Congrats, you did it! Whether you’re spending this summer on work experience, vacation or college preparation, the transition to higher education may be tricky. This is your opportunity to rebrand yourself and start anew. As you begin this next chapter of your life and pack your bags for the next four years, there are a few things you should leave behind. Follow these handy pro tips on how to green your way to college:

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High school sports are so last year. Sure, a letterman jacket was a huge accomplishment in high school. But in college, it is only a reminder that you’re still living in your glory days. It’s time to let go and trade in the high school varsity gear for your new college colors.

Bye, bye blankie. We both know exactly what blanket I’m talking about. You know, the one you’ve had since you were a baby; the one that protected you from the monsters under your bed and accompanied you at nap time. Now’s a good time to reuse or recycle. Save your blankie for your future children or donate it into an ATRS bin where it can bring a sense of security to someone else.

Stuffed animals are toys, not friends. If you plan on living in dorm, it’s time to clear out your stuffed animal collection before you head off to school. Those twin XL beds are already small, no need to cramp your college style with a couple of teddy bears! Instead, donate your stuffed animals so they can provide comfort to someone in need or be put to better use.

What happens on Prom Night stays, including the dress. Prom – the once in a lifetime night you waited for through all of high school – is finally over. You danced the night away and made incredibly memories with your closest of friends. Now, it’s time to hang the dress and rack the shoes…or better yet, donate them! By dropping your shoes & dress into an ATRS donation bin, you can give someone else the opportunity to have a magical night even if they can’t spare the expense of brand-new attire.

Pep rally tee? Not a necessity. From homecoming pep rally t-shirts to senior class tees, none of your high school gear will come in handy in college. Trust us. You’ll begin a brand new stockpile of free event t-shirts once you step foot into your new life. If your high school t-shirts are treasured memories, consider doing an upcycled DIY by creating a quilt out of the t-shirts instead of letting them clutter your cramped closet!

Ditch the blue & khaki. We’ve got great news: You no longer have to wear those tired old school uniforms! We completely understand if you never want to have to look at that navy blue polo or those khaki pants again. Use your wardrobe to create a fresh new identity, and give that generic uniform gear a second life by dropping it all in your neighborhood ATRS donation bin.

Downsize your down comforter. If you’ve enjoyed sweet dreams in a full, queen or king size bed, it’s time to replace your sheets with twin XL bedding. The majority of dorms and furnished apartments in college are furnished with a twin XL mattress that requires very specific sheets. Although your old bedding won’t fit your college abode, it will fit perfectly in an ATRS bin!

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Not everything has to be stressful when it comes to the big college move. ATRS makes it easy & convenient to donate your gently used clothing & shoes! Who knows, you may see us on your new campus during our annual Move2Recycle campaign. Follow us on Facebook to keep up with our nationwide news and events!

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