GUEST POST: MVA Recycled Uniforms Help Others in Many Ways

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Montverde Academy (MVA) made a very generous donation of 2,831 pounds of unwanted textiles recently to our Central Florida market, including four bins of old uniforms! Read this guest post provided by MVA to learn more about why they recycled uniforms rather than throwing them away:

Mr. Brad Long, Montverde Academy’s Business Manager, informed that the Academy’s Business Office and Student Center has partnered with American Textile Recycling Services in an effort to dispense the retired MVA uniforms.  ATRS is a company that educates and encourages the public to recycle their unwanted clothing, shoes, toys and household items. Donations are redistributed to many different industries so almost everything is reused or recycled and nothing goes to waste.” According to Mr. Long, “We don’t like to throw items away, this is a way to recycle items. Our uniforms will go where they are needed most, whether that be resold, recycled or delivered to victims of natural disasters throughout the world.”

Lynne Moore with students

ATRS’s official website avows that nearly 100% of donated clothing is recycled, “…even the torn, ripped, and stained textiles are repurposed as wipe rags, seat stuffing, thread, and many other everyday cloth uses…The second-hand clothing market is booming! Both in the U.S. and abroad, the desire for American name-brand clothing creates opportunities for entrepreneurs to sell gently-worn clothing and household textiles to people at affordable prices.  A win-win situation for everyone!  We make recycling your clothing, shoes and toys convenient 24/7/365. We believe recycling should be easily accessible to all. That is why we have placed thousands of recyclers in neighborhoods across the United States.  By donating unwanted goods and recycling textile with ATRS, you’re keeping your neighborhood clean, improving the quality of life for those in need and protecting the environment for future generations.”

Uniforms for recycle projectMrs. Lynne Moore, MVA Student Center Manager, is assisting the Academy with the new partnership too.  “This year Montverde Academy has initiated new uniform standards and discontinued some of the past styles and colors.  The Montverde Academy logo represents a brand of excellence, and student uniforms are designed to represent that standard.  As we upgrade and update those uniforms, it was important that the past clothing did not end up in local thrift shops and was used in a beneficial manner,” acknowledged Mrs. Moore.

As a result, Montverde Academy families donated 4 bins of used uniforms totaling 1,642 lbs. MVA’s 2014-2015 uniform donations totaled 1,189 lbs. of uniforms, for an amazing grand total of 2,831 lbs! ATRS utilizes a computation formula to translate pounds collected to dollars given to a selected charity. That means that every time your family donates in an ATRS bin at Montverde Academy, or surrounding cities, you are helping create funding for  Susan G. Komen of Central Florida.  Komen is “…the global leader of the breast cancer movement, having invested more than $1 billion since its inception in 1982.  Komen for the Cure’s promise is to save lives and end breast cancer forever by empowering people, ensuring quality care for all and energizing science to find the cures. Across the country, that promise is upheld by a network of 122 local Affiliate offices.”


American Textile Recycling Services was very appreciative of Montverde Academy’s recent uniform contributions.  In a recent correspondence with MVA Business Office, ATRS stated, “Thanks again for using ATRS for your uniform recycling and I am sure Susan G Komen thanks you as well for helping with their funding at the same time. This is a great start and it helps great organizations.”  ATRS provides recycling services in many Central Florida cities that include:  Altamonte Springs, Apopka, Auburndale, Casselberry, Davenport, Daytona Beach, Debary, Dundee, Eustis, Haines City, Kissimmee, Lake Alfred,Lake Mary, Lake Wales, Lakeland, Leesburg, Longwood, Maitland, Mount Dora, Mulberry, Orlando, Oviedo, Tavares, Winter Haven, Winter Park, Zellwood.

  • Debra Stevenson Peganyee

    It’s so easy to recycle out of date uniforms, team wear and sporting gear during BTS season. Kudos to Montverde Academy and it’s students for leading the way!