GUEST POST: Act Today! Local Charities Rally to Veto AZ Bill 1504

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Do you support charitable giving and clothing donation programs in your community? Your help is desperately needed ASAP. So Act Today!

Law makers in the State of Arizona passed Bill 1504 this week, threatening to shut down clothing donation bin in our communities. Local charities are banding together and rallying to veto Bill 1504, because it unfairly limits their rights and eliminates much needed funding for local programs and services. Here’s what they have to say:


“For us, this bill has severe consequences on our ability to raise much needed funds. Those consequences include a decrease in benefits for the children who reside at Weldon House with their mothers. We attempt to normalize their lives through sports, music, the arts. The funds also provide for school uniforms, new shoes, the basics that their mothers are unable to provide while they are working to change their lives.

When a group of us local charities and non-profits offered amendments aimed at protecting our right to solicit donations, the ideas were dismissed without discussion.

In this economic time when needs are great and charitable giving is more difficult for people, the State should encourage, not limit fundraising and donation mechanisms.

We want only to have the opportunity to work together with property owners to draft legislation that is good public policy for all involved. Please Veto SB1504 and give us that opportunity!”

Thelma Ross, CEO, NCADD
Weldon House


Mothers Against Drunk Driving is committed to its work to eliminate drunk driving, serve the victims of this violent crime, and prevent underage drinking. To help us achieve our mission, we utilize donation bins as one mechanism for raising much needed funds.  

SB 1504 negatively impacts our ability to raise critical funding to help us advance our mission. This bill is aimed at the companies that have never respected private or public property, nor followed municipal ordinances. This legislation has the unintended consequence of hurting MADD and other charitable organizations in our ability to raise critical mission related funding.” 

Jason Frasier, State Program Director, Mothers Against Drunk Driving Arizona


With all this good advice, lawmakers persistently ignored these charities and excluded them from multiple conversations, passing the bill anyway. We believe ALL local charities have equal right to solicit charitable donations, raise funds and residents have the right to support the charity of their choice. We believe our neighborhoods need more convenient clothing donation drop off options, not less.

What can YOU do?

Please call Governor Ducey’s office TODAY!! Ask him to veto the bill, so property owners and local charities can work on alternatives that offer easy, convenient donation options in our community and DO NOT limit their fundraising rights. His number is (520) 628-6580.


Kristin Greene is the Vice President of Federal & Local Affairs at The Molera Alvarez Group in Phoenix, AZ. She is also a government affairs consultant for ATRS and actively advocating to change this proposed bill.

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