OUR TEAM: SoCal Wins Big in 1st Quarter Green Challenge

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This new year is already off to a great start. With plans to open facilities in two new markets and expand our recycling programs throughout existing communities, it will surely be another record-breaker in 2015! To motivate our teams during this high-energy time, COO Gilbert Regalado developed a friendly competition for our community recycling advocates. The 1st Quarter Green Challenge was designed to highlight one employee whose dedication to a greener tomorrow in his/her community surpassed the rest.

Our challenge winner was selected on April 2. We are pleased to extend a huge congratulations to James Jordan, a community recycling advocate serving the neighborhoods of Temecula, Hesperia and Rancho Cucamonga in Southern California! James won the competition with a whopping 16.32% increase in new recycling locations since January 1. Thanks to James’s hard work and dedication over the past few months, even more SoCal residents now have convenient access to Clothing & Shoe Recyclers in their neighborhoods. It’s a win win win!


SoCal advocate James receives his winner’s certificate from Manager Fonta.

James’s success also ensures that our Southern California nonprofit partner, Giving Children Hope, will see a much-needed increase in funds this year over 2014. This local charity provides 1,500 backpack meals each week to school children and provides medicine and much more to kids in emerging nations. Through the Clothing & Shoe Recycling partnership, GCH receives funding from every pound of textiles dropped into ATRS Recyclers. More bins equals more pounds recycled, which translates to greater funds for local programs and services. And it’s all thanks to dedicated community advocates like James!

“I’ve been very impressed by the effort James put into increasing access to recycling solutions in our market this quarter,” said Fonta Stavropoulos, Southern California Market Manager. “He did an incredible job balancing new partnerships and community outreach efforts, and it’s great to recognize that.”

Donating 3

James helps a SoCal couple fit their clothing & shoe donation into an ATRS bin.

As the Green Challenge winner, James is receiving a brand new entertainment system for his home. Complete with a 55” LG HDTV, a 2.1-Channel Soundbar and a Wireless Subwoofer, this will serve as a daily reminder of his incredible accomplishments over the past months.

In addition to his prize, James has also been entered into a pool with four winners from other categories to attend next year’s annual SMART Convention. SMART Convention attendees hear from municipal leaders in sustainability, learn about all the newest trends and technologies in the textile recycling industry and create invaluable networking connections. We are delighted to extend this invitation to winners of this challenge. Plus the 2016 convention will be held at the Hyatt Regency Coconut Point in Bonita Springs, and you can’t beat that view!

Team ATRS is so proud of each individual who participated in the 1st Quarter Green Challenge. Each individual dedicated their time to educating and informing communities about what, where and how to recycle unwanted textiles. This accounts for thousands of volunteer hours in each city we service. We look forward to even more awareness and recycling solutions as the year passes. Keep following us here at Greener Tomorrow to see what else this year has in store!

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