At American Textile Recycling Services, we are constantly working towards Our Greener Tomorrow. Use this blog for opportunities to attend local eco-events and support nonprofit organizations in your area, as well as gain easy green living tips and meet our new and outstanding team members.

  • ATRS is Gearing up for Earth Day Across the U.S.

    Earth Day is right around the corner! We've got a ton of events lined up in our neighborhoods and we're super excited about it. Check out the events listed below to see where you can join in the fun and environmental awareness. What is Earth Day? The first Earth Day was on April 22, 1970, where 20 million Americans are credited with launching the ...

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  • ATRS Recycling and R’n’R Marathon Warmed Hearts In Spite of Bone Chilling Cold in Dallas

    It was one of the coldest marathon days on record in Dallas and yet 11,008 enthusiastic participants showed up at the Start Line early on Sunday morning. The friendly folks from ATRS Recycling were there in bright green ATRS RECYCLE HERE tees, ready to pick up all the dropped cloth from the corals as runners stretched, warmed up and prepared for the race.

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  • Sustainable Living Fest 2013 Event Recap

    American Textile Recycling Services (ATRS) was proud to be part of the Sustainable Living Fest in Houston, TX at the Market Square Park on March 16, 2013. Sustainable Living Fest Houston, TX 2013 #HouTopia What a great turnout! The theme this year was HouTopia and many of the live tweeting and picture sharing could be seen ...

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  • Giving Our Old Clothes a Second Life

    I have this shirt that I've been carrying around with me for what seems like forever. It's not a fashionable shirt. It's certainly not timeless. It's frayed around the collar but it's amazingly stain free. I bet you have some old clothes like that in your closet right now. My wife probably hates it but she's too sweet to say anything about it. Except when I wear it. Which is really only on days that I ...

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  • The High Cost of Cheap Clothing

    Ever wondered where your throw-away garments end up?  Landfills, donation centers or mobile recyclers?   "Inexpensive, low-grade clothing enables Americans to cram their closets. Unfortunately, much of that cheap apparel wears out and is thrown away, making up about 5 percent of landfills," says MOLLY ZISK, The Orange County Register.   Follow the path to see where your clothes may be headed. And look for  easy, convenient recyclers with the  ATRS Recycling logo in your neighborhood next time you clean out yours ...

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