At American Textile Recycling Services, we are constantly working towards Our Greener Tomorrow. Use this blog for opportunities to attend local eco-events and support nonprofit organizations in your area, as well as gain easy green living tips and meet our new and outstanding team members.

  • GUEST POST: Act Today! Proposed AZ Bill May Eliminate Clothing Donations in Your Area

    Do you support charitable giving and clothing donation programs in your community? Your help is desperately needed ASAP, so Act Today! The Arizona legislature is about to pass a statewide bill that threatens to eliminate clothing & shoe donation bins in your area. The bill would prevent charities from partnering with donation bin operators like American Textile Recycling Service (ATRS) and would significantly infringe on their rights to raise funds through clothing donation partnerships like these. This means ...

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  • Annual Diversion Reports Are Out: Get Yours!

    The Earth called – and wants its resources back. Fortunately 2015 was a year of great strides and achievements as more and more families, residents, students and local businesses helped reuse, redistribute and recycle our precious resources. We are especially grateful to all our amazing partners - business owners, property managers and charitable organizations who host ATRS Clothing & Shoe Donation bins throughout the communities where we live, work and play. This one simple act makes ...

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  • Clean Your Closet and Donate Like a Pro!

    Get a jumpstart on Spring cleaning! With nearly 4,000 ATRS Clothing & Shoe Donation bins throughout the nation, it's a breeze to be clean & green while supporting a local charity. Got your donation bag handy? Here are our tips for cleaning and donating like a pro: 1. Pair up your shoes. This thoughtful gesture makes all the difference between sellable and useless to someone in great need. Gently used shoes are highly desirable, so just ...

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  • Your Donation Makes a Difference at The Arc of Greater Beaumont

    Did you know? When you donate your gently used, wearable clothing, shoes and household textiles in your neighborhood ATRS donation bin, you’re supporting one of  21 different charitable partners across the nation. For our residents in Beaumont, TX, this charity is the The Arc of Greater Beaumont. Here’s how this local organization benefits from its longstanding ATRS Clothing & Shoe Recycling Partnership: The Arc began ...

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  • Celebrate Recycled Fashion at the 3rd Annual Trash2Trends Show

    You will never guess what extraordinary treasures can be created from the things we throw out everyday. Luckily, if you live in Orlando, you can see for yourself! This weekend, join us for the 3rd annual Trash2Trends fashion show as we celebrate an evening of recycled fashion at SeaWorld Orlando's Ports or Call, all to benefit Keep Orlando Beautiful. The extravagant runway show features over-the-top ...

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