At American Textile Recycling Services, we are constantly working towards Our Greener Tomorrow. Use this blog for opportunities to attend local eco-events and support nonprofit organizations in your area, as well as gain easy green living tips and meet our new and outstanding team members.

  • The Race to Recycle is On this Fall

    The Race to Recycle is on this month and we couldn't be more excited to sprint our way through the fall season! There are so many opportunities to stay fit while keeping our communities clean and green. So get ready to rock, run, walk and recycle your way to the finish line at these family friendly events: 1. Support a Local Charity in Your City

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  • Know Where to Throw: Keeping Our Neighborhoods Clean & Green

    How much do you know about Clothing & Shoe Recyclers? Even if you drive by these 5x5 receptacles on a daily basis, you may not know they collect our unwanted goods. They also reduce our landfill waste, limit carbon emissions (the equivalent of removing 1 million cars from American highways each year) and provide much needed funding to local nonprofit organizations. But what happens when community members don't Know Where to Throw?

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  • School Bus Bins: A New Partnership in SoCal

    Are you familiar with School Bus Bins? You know, those iconic yellow recyclers that resemble a bus and collect clothing donations throughout the SoCal neighborhoods where we live, work and play! Most popular with young students and their parents, these cheerfully designed receptacles help raise funds each and every day for teachers and school projects throughout SoCal. To date there are a total ...

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  • GUEST POST: Suzann Thompson Retells Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Flax”

    Embroidery of a flax plant, created by Suzann Thompson using yarn made from recycled fabric! "I am the cutest!" said the flax. "Look at my pretty flowers! They are as blue as the sky itself. Also, the farmer said that I will make a fine piece of linen someday…whatever that means." The sun shone on the flax and its many friends and family who lived in the ...

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  • ATRS Meets & Mingles at Central Cities Association’s Elected Officials Reception

    Recently, ATRS Government Relations Advocate (GRA) Louis Lujan had the honor of attending the Central City Association of Los Angeles (CCALA) biennial Elected Officials Reception. This event is designed to honor the work of elected leaders in each of the 88 cities in LA County, many of which are home to ATRS Clothing & Shoe Recyclers that benefit our local nonprofit partners at Giving Children Hope. Over 300 elected ...

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