At American Textile Recycling Services, we are constantly working towards Our Greener Tomorrow. Use this blog for opportunities to attend local eco-events and support nonprofit organizations in your area, as well as gain easy green living tips and meet our new and outstanding team members.

  • ROCK RUN RECYCLE: Donate Those Stinky Sneakers? You Bet!

    Hey marathoners, are you ready to ROCK RUN RECYCLE? Then consider one more act of green at the Suja Rock 'n' Roll San Diego Marathon & Half - donate those stinky sneakers and other post-marathon gear. Yes, seriously! Read on for more information about this new way to run green with ATRS. Rock 'n' Roll Marathon partner ATRS Recycling already offers several onsite options for recycling gently used, out of season or unwanted sneakers, ...

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  • CMO COMMENTARY: Thieves Caught On Tape? You Bet!

    I recently viewed a video shot by a young mom in Van Nuys California as three nervous looking individuals sorted thru garments taken from a collection bin. When ABC7’s Elex Michaelson saw the shocking footage, he asked me “How is this possible?” View the entire ABC7 story here. ATRS Clothing & Shoe Recyclers have a theft proof shoot and very secure door lock. Many of the ...

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  • EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT: New Business Development Manager

    It's not quite summer yet, but 2015 has already been a very busy year for Team ATRS! As our expansion continues, we are excited to announce that Jonathan Armstrong has been promoted to a newly created role at our corporate office in Houston: New Business Development Manager. Jonathan's new role focuses on nurturing and expanding ATRS property management and retail partnerships nationwide. His passion ...

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  • ATRS Pin-spiration For a Cleaner, Greener Spring!

    Spring has sprung, finally! Are you making the most of our favorite season? If your days haven’t been filled with eco-friendly crafts and outdoor activities, then you’ve got some catching up to do. Luckily, ATRS can help. Here are our top five Pinterest Boards dedicated to a cleaner, greener and more inspired spring. Green Spring Cleaning Been putting off your spring cleaning? ...

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  • Get SMART About Recycling: Donate, Recycle, Don’t Throw Away!

    If you’ve attended one of our recent Earth Day community events or are gearing up for Move2Recycle, our on-campus College Move Out Program, then you’ve probably seen these three iconic infographics created by our affiliates at the Secondary Materials And Recycled Textiles (SMART) Association. These visual aids help eco-advocates of all ages close the loop on the importance of textile recycling. But just as a picture conveys a thousand words, a ...

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