Rock ‘N Roll Half Marathon: We Rocked, Ran, & Recycled in Dallas!

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ATRS participated in our second annual Dallas Rock ‘N Roll Half Marathon last weekend and it was another huge success! Collections totalled a whopping 2,300 pounds of discarded warm-up gear, clothing and shoes that otherwise would have been sent to area landfills. Our volunteer teams had a blast both on and off the 13.1 mile course.

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Rocking at the Expo

ATRS teams from both Houston and Dallas were on hand at the Expo to spread the word about recycling running gear and shoes. Many participated in our InstaFAME campaign using hashtag #RockRunRecycle. And guess who we found? None other than one of the InstaFAME girls: Pamela from Sparkly Soul! Our team members fell in love with their glittery runner headbands and dropped by Sparkly Soul‘s booth to add some shimmer to their expo gear.

rnr insta.jpg

Sparkly Soul rep Pamela was #InstaFAME-ous at our RnRDAL booth, and her sparkly headbands added glittery green to our team’s outfits!

Sports Authority partnered with ATRS to offer a 20% coupon off all items in their store when runners brought clothing & shoes for recycling. We hope this is the start of a conscious eco-coupling with one of the top Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series sponsors!

rnr and sports authority.jpg

ATRS & Sports Authority made a perfect pair at RnRDAL!

Running & Recycling at the Race

Early on race day morning, ATRS teams gathered at the corrals and start line as runners began warming up and shedding unwanted layers. Luckily, we were ready to run!

rnr team.jpg

The ATRS Team was ready to #RockRunRecycle on race day! 

We followed closely behind the runners, clearing discarded warm-up gear. Bagging at high speeds was no problem for this expert crew, who collected over 1,000 pounds of clothing & shoes on the course itself. The remaining pounds were collected throughout the course, at the finish line and from the Expo.

rnr 1.jpg

Team ATRS quickly chased down runners while bagging discarded running gear on the course! 

The Dallas half marathon was a huge success. Congratulations to every runner than participated and contributed clothing & shoes for recycling. Together we are creating a Greener Tomorrow for all!

 For more RnRDAL photos, subscribe to our YouTube channel. Watch for a video slideshow featuring more of the expo and race experience!