ROCK RUN RECYCLE: Donate Those Stinky Sneakers? You Bet!

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Hey marathoners, are you ready to ROCK RUN RECYCLE? Then consider one more act of green at the Suja Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego Marathon & Half – donate those stinky sneakers and other post-marathon gear. Yes, seriously! Read on for more information about this new way to run green with ATRS.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon partner ATRS Recycling already offers several onsite options for recycling gently used, out of season or unwanted sneakers, running gear and other textiles at the race. Veteran RnR runners faithfully bring donations to the two-day Health & Fitness Expo (Booth #112) and drop warm-up gear into ROCK RUN RECYCLE carts at the Start Line. Now, you can shed some layers at the Finish Line and help out even more.

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Look for ROCK RUN RECYCLE carts and ATRS volunteers along the course.

After a marathon, even the best-quality running shoes can be too used to re-train in, and many runners take advantage of shoe sales from retailers like Brooks Running at the Expo. Once you’ve had 26.21 miles of scenic San Diego streets and city surface chewing up your soles, simply toss those trainers at the finish and start fresh. Here’s how to sustainably dispose of your old shoes in two simple steps:

1) Ask a friend, family member or other sideline supporter to meet you at the finish line with a fresh pair of shoes  (or go barefoot if that’s your thing!).

2) Toss your old pair in the finish line recycling cart, marked with the “ROCK RUN RECYCLE” banner.

You might be wondering: “But who wants my stinky, worn-down running shoes?” The answer is a lot of people! Although your shoes may no longer offer the support and cushion a runner needs, they still have value. They could be resold in the growing secondhand clothing market to someone who can’t afford brand-new footwear, or distributed as part of a disaster relief program to victims of floods or earthquakes. If they’re really in poor condition, we can break them down and recycle their individual parts. There are so many opportunities for a second life instead of letting them gather dust in your closet or take up space in a landfill!

Not only do your donations at the Health & Fitness Expo and Race Day help keep San Diego clean & green, they also support a local charitable organization. Local charity Giving Children Hope (GCH) receives funding for every pound of textiles collected at RnRSD. GCH uses these funds to support their We’ve Got Your Back program which provides over 5,000 backpacks of nutritional food each month to homeless students in Orange County.

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A marathoner drops off recyclables at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Dallas Marathon Expo.

One small action on your part can mean the world to an individual or family that relies on GCH. To learn more about where your discarded gear goes and how ATRS supports its charitable partners, visit Share your marathon experience with us on Instagram or Twitter by tagging us @ATRSrecycling or by using hashtag #RunRockRecycle. We’ll see you on race day!