Seven Things to Donate During College Move Out Month

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College Move Out Month can be a bittersweet time: you’re excited to start break (or if you’re graduating, to join the “real world”), but you’re leaving behind new friends and experiences in the process. Chances are you’re also moving back to your parents’ house or into a tiny new apartment, without the extra space to keep your cherished belongings. What’s an undergrad to do?

Luckily, ATRS is here to save you from making tough choices about what to discard! We’ve created a list of things you should definitely part with before the semester ends. Just remember to always recycle or donate these items, don’t throw them in the trash.

Don’t know how to recycle them? Read on for details about our nationwide College Move Out Recycling Program!

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1. Free Event Tees

In college, there’s nothing more exciting than being at a sporting event and having the t-shirt cannon shoot a tee directly into your outstretched hands. Add in all the commemorative shirts from random campus events and you’ve got a drawer full of tops, many of which probably don’t fit well anyway. What better way to cut down on your packing than by dropping them all off at your nearest ATRS recycler!

2. Dorm Room Loungewear

This tip is especially for our graduating seniors: In the real world, you can’t wear PJs or sweats to the office, or even the airport for that matter! As you make plans to stock your wardrobe with suits and business casual wear, it’s time to toss the “bummin’ it” phase in the recycling bin. It’s up to you to make a judgment call, but anything with hoods or stains is probably good to go.

3. Whatever Doesn’t Fit

As you start to pack your things up to go home for break, there will be one thought that will cross your mind. “Where did all of this stuff come from?” As you rack up free t-shirts and new trendy, fashionable clothes from your latest shopping spree, you’ll notice that not everything is going to fit. Save yourself the struggle of sitting on your luggage to try and zip up something that will never shut. ATRS will gladly take the weight off your shoulders!

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ATRS makes it easy & convenient to recycle old college textiles before move out month ends!

4. Last Season’s Styles

Wearing sweats, hoodies, flip flops or just workout gear in general will always be a college campus fashion trend, but don’t let your peers catch you in last season’s styles when you’re not heading to class! ATRS can’t be your personal shopper, but we can definitely save you from committing fashion suicide.

5. Collegiate Footwear

There are some things you can get away with in college, and only in college. Wearing certain shoes is one of those things. In what scenario would you need to have a pair of “shower sandals” other than when using your college dorm bathroom? But you’re in luck, because it’s easy & convenient to recycle this now-unnecessary footwear with ATRS! Because as Buzzfeed said, employed individuals in the real world don’t wear Uggs. They just don’t.

6. Theme Party Costumes

College provides so many unique experiences, including the party scene. Where else can you be at a toga party one night and a pajama party the next? Unfortunately, no where. So when choosing what to take & what to toss during move out month, be sure the costumes go in the “Recycle With ATRS” pile.

7. Twin XL Bedding

Remember prepping for move in, when you bought those brand new Twin XL-sized sheets & comforter? Well, to the dismay of college students everywhere, dorms are the only living spaces that feature this bed size. There’s no point keeping your bedding after school’s out, but tossing it in the dumpster just adds to local landfills. Do the eco-conscious thing and recycle those blankets with your neighborhood recycler!

ATRS participated in UCLA’s College Move Out last year to help keep the campus clean & green!

It might be hard to part with these items, but just think of all the good you’ll be doing. You’ll cut back on moving costs with fewer boxes & bags, your clothing will be put to use instead of collecting dust and all your donations will help fund a local charity. It’s a win, win, win!

You may also have the chance to support your university in the process of purging your textile collection. During College Move Out Month, ATRS is partnering with schools across the country with our #Move2Recycle campaign. Click here for a list of participating colleges to see if your school has committed to a green end-of-semester celebration with ATRS!

If you are affiliated with an educational establishment, please contact ATRS Marketing Manager Kendra Lewis for details on how to join the ATRS College Move Out Recycling Program.