Sustainability is Out, Responsible Innovation is In!

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The word from the fourth annual Copenhagen Fashion Summit held in Denmark this past week is “Sustainability is out and responsible innovation is in.”  

Wait. What?

So what does that mean for fashion retailers, designers, manufacturers, e-commerce leaders and all of us consumers? Yes, we all love our favorite brands. We want them to respect the environment.  We want to use our spending power to purchase responsibly. We want to give back to our communities. We are committed to donating and recycling those fashion purchases we no longer need.

Attended by the fashion industry’s glitterati, this annual summit aims to inspire, start conversation and solve global issues affecting the enormous footprint created by the apparel and footwear industries. Keynote speakers from Patagonia and Nike helped fire up attendees, while a group of young students representing 40 different nations addressed the industry leaders with a list of 7 demands for change. Their ideas are hard hitting and truly inspiring. Read them here.

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Here at ATRS, we applaud those fashion brands committing to responsible innovation. We highlight their successes on our social media pages, calling attention to their first-to-market ideas. We are especially excited by retailers like Levi Strauss & Co.H&M and Nordstrom that commit to take-back programs, allowing shoppers to reduce, reuse and recycle right where they shop.

So we’d like to ask: what are your favorite brands? Which ones not only focus on sustainability but also take responsibility for the waste they create? Which ones wow you with creativity and innovation? Which brands lead the way by giving back to the community? We’d like to know.

If you have an idea you’d like to highlight on our blog, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page let us know. Together we can highlight the support the companies that create cleaner, greener communities where we live, work and play. Now that’s good for the planet and for people!