Ten Tips For A Holly Jolly Green Holiday

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The holiday season is a special time of year that we all anticipate. Whether you’re gearing up for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or another celebration during the month of December, there are a variety of parties, events & gatherings to attend. While the festive season should be filled with joy and bright faces, there’s no reason to be wasteful. The ATRS green elves and fairies are here to help with 10 simple tips for a truly greener holiday!

green holiday

1. Use Energy StarQualified LED Lights

As you deck the halls both indoors and out, make sure you’re consuming less by using energy efficient lights. In addition, remember to unplug your lights as you leave the house or go to bed for the evening so they aren’t on without an audience. These easy changes will fatten up your holiday budget, too!

2. Incorporate Nature into Your Holiday Décor 

Take a look into your own backyard to create natural decorations for your home. Instead of buying a wreath or a table centerpiece from the store, save money and prevent waste by using pinecones, acorns, branches and more. Be creative and green-minded all at once!

3. Make A Green Gift List

As you make your shopping list, check it twice to make sure it’s as green as can be! Give eco-friendly gifts by upcycling DIYs or buying products made from natural materials. Get crafty and be conscious about what you’re purchasing. Check out our green gifter tips for even more inspiration!

4. Carpool To Holiday Functions

Why sing “Jingle Bells” alone in your car when jamming out with friends is so much better? You can reduce considerable gas emissions and boredom by carpooling to your next holiday party together. Save money and have more fun – it’s a win win!

5. Buy A Real Christmas Tree

This holiday, make sure you’re trimming the real deal. Artificial trees are typically made with petroleum-based materials. They’re also typically imported, and shipping goods overseas greatly increases their carbon footprint. Choose a tree that is grown on a local farm so forests aren’t depleted. Conservation-minded farms might even let you plant a tree to replace the one you’re taking home! Real tree farms also help create cleaner air by absorbing carbon dioxide and other gases while releasing fresh oxygen back into the environment. Plus, you can’t beat that fresh pine scent!

6. Shop Locally

Local shopping doesn’t begin and end on Small Business Saturday – Do all of your holiday food and gift shopping close to home! For bonus points, try to find products made nearby as well. Less shipping distance means a lower amount of gas emission released into the environment!

7. Avoid Gifts That Require Batteries

Unfortunately, most families don’t know how to properly dispose of batteries. As a result, batteries typically end up in local landfills where their toxic metals seep into the soil. Try to avoid battery-powered gifts if you can, but rechargeable batteries are also a great alternative!

8. It’s Okay To Re-Gift

Re-gifting is an easy way to share the love this season. There really isn’t anything wrong with this eco-friendly idea. Why waste a gift that you won’t use when you can give it to someone else who will? Re-think of it as minimizing consumption, saving waste from your local landfill and creating a greener tomorrow for all!

9. Send Eco-Friendly & Plantable Holiday Cards

Instead of mailing traditional holiday cards that might get tucked away or tossed in the trash, try sending plantable holiday cards made of seed paper! This growing trend lets you send kind words with a green message that will sprout to bring even more joy to its recipient!

10. Use Recycled Paper & Reuse Gift Wrapping

Recycled wrapping or craft paper isn’t always easy to find, but it exists! Read labels carefully and watch for green symbols to help you make the right choice. Gift bags are always great options because they can be reused for years to come. Rework old cards for gift tags and make your own decor elements if you have some crafting skills. And don’t forget to save all those bows, ribbons and paper that are still intact for next year’s gifts!

Want even more festive & eco-friendly tips to celebrate this season? Start new traditions everyone will enjoy. Check out our Greener Holidays Pinterest board for crafts, DIYs, gift ideas and other sustainable holiday solutions. Here’s wishing you a holly jolly Greener Holiday from our family to yours! 

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