The Champions for the Invisible Minority: Center On Independent Living

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The Champions for the Invisible Minority:  Center On Independent Living


Since 1985, the Center on Independent Living, or COIL, has been going strong!  Passionately, COIL helps people with disabilities of all origins feel accepted, by teaching them how to live independently.  Can you imagine what a gift it must be to learn that you do not have to live in an institution, or a hospital setting, your whole life?  Well, that is exactly what COIL gives these special individuals.  Even if the person cannot live completely on their own, they can still take great pride in their work by volunteering at selected businesses.


All people want to live a meaningful life!  Compassionately, COIL guides even severely disabled people through the skill building they need, to become a member of a community.  In addition to helping the disabled, they offer training and relocation services, family services, and COIL even works hand in hand with the Department of Veterans Affairs.  Folks, this is the only program like this, across the state of Texas!


Can you believe there is no state or federal funding for Center On Independent Living?  Sad but true.  ATRS San Antonio believed in their mission so much, that we became the community bridge they needed.  American Textile Recycling Service (ATRS) offers convenient, earth-friendly solutions for textile collection and recycling that keeps hundreds of thousands of pounds out of landfills each year. ATRS helps corporations, city governments, school districts and other community organizations make recycling a more integral part of their operations. ATRS works directly with local, registered 501c3 Non-Profit Organizations as part of its ongoing commitment to community recycling partnerships.


We provide financial support to COIL, to assist them in serving our community.  By purchasing large recycling units, stationing them throughout the San Antonio area, and staffing an organization that collects your recycled textiles, we are able to turn your donated items, into the means this non-profit needs.  So, without even depleting your bank account, YOU TOO CAN SUPPORT COIL!


We urge you to be part of something special…to take the initiative to bless someone else’s life!  It may sound dramatic, but honestly, just by simply locating an ATRS SA recycling box, (pictured) and recycling some of your unwanted clothing and shoes, you are, in fact, creating revenue for COIL and the people there, who are trying their best, to make the most out the cards they were dealt!  Together, we can make tomorrow brighter for these courageous citizens together.


“ATRS, Recycling Today, For A Greener Tomorrow!”