The Friendly People: ATRS Is On A Mission to Share Fun!

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You may not immediately think that being fun and friendly is a core part of running a recycling business. But here at ATRS, we value people as our greatest asset. And let’s face it, people like to have fun!

So while we’re out in the community making Clothing & Shoe Recycling “easy & convenient”,  we also focus on creating a “fun & friendly” environment back in the workplace. Each of our eleven offices across the country aspires to be a place where our team members feel at home, get to act a little crazy every once in a while and look forward to starting the work week.

Team 2014

From our founding CEO David M. Peganyee, Sr, whose unconventional methods for solving business problems include paintball and car racing, to Production Manager Albert Larriu, who hosts workplace competitions with ethnic cook-offs and human foosball, we clearly love to have a good time.

“As a leader in the emerging textile recycling industry, we are trying to build a fresh, fun and friendly brand,” said Human Resources Director Dana Kaufman. “As our team grows, we look to fill positions with candidates who embody these characteristics.”

Just to be sure we’re accomplishing our work environment goals, we sought out a fresh set of eyes: our newbies! Last Friday we completed yet another successful week of new hire onboarding. As these new employees ended an action-packed week of training on diverse topics ranging from safety to spreadsheets to memorizing talking points and learning how to conduct a community clothing drive (wacky gear fairy gear optional!), here’s what they had to say when we asked our key question: What Makes ATRS So Special?

katie feedback

Katie joins ATRS with a background in government and law enforcement.

alex feedback

Prior to joining our team, Alex worked in retail as a thrift store manager.

kat feedback Kat joins ATRS with previous textile recycling experience.

We were thrilled to hear their feedback, especially that all three felt as though they had gained an extension of their family by joining forces with the nation’s fastest growing textile recycler. We couldn’t be more excited for each of these inspiring newbies to join their team members in Orlando, Oklahoma City and Southern California and start their new roles keeping our neighborhoods clean & green! Look for each of these fun, friendly faces cruising down your city streets in one of our bright green newly-wrapped Priuses.

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